182.621099 days.

how’s married life?! that is the favorite question of friends whether they’re married or single. how is married life? how do you respond to something like that? it is incredibly and averagely mundane while being extremely and fantastically exciting. it’s unlike anything i thought it would be and yet it’s an absolutely fun adventure all at the same time. christian answers the famous question by saying, “well, it’s just like dating but no one ever goes home.” sometimes i feel slightly gypped because i was “seriously” dating him and engaged for such a short amount of time. it’s like i almost missed the experience. while in arizona, families i’d known since i was 12 didn’t hold back their advice for christian, “you two are going to have so much fun!” and fun is exactly what brought us together. (although the night we met back in 2003 we apparently didn’t have as much fun as everyone else seeing as we were the only ones who refrained from skinny dipping.) we always seemed to have fun no matter what. we laughed. we were happy. kind of funny that being happy and having fun together would seal the deal. through all my pre-marriage life i was the first date/blind date queen. after dates all those young men would tell their friends that i was “the fun one.” not the interesting or hot or talented or smart or cute one, but, the fun one. i guess i can accept being the fun one, as long as i have christian to constantly laugh with!

4 thoughts on “182.621099 days.

  1. >You guys are perfect together! You definitely seem to have a great time with one another and in the almost 5 years that I have known Christian I would say he’s more relaxed and funnier than ever. Don’t get me wrong…he was funny back then too, but he also had his dish nazi moments that made me think he was crazy. That and the toilet paper moments he had.

  2. >what a fun post, robin…you guys rock.but, as a photographer, your pictures make me drool. kudos to whoever you hired. you look great! (love the smoochy shot with the bouquet…wow. and you leaning on him? perfect)

  3. >i liked the pictures too! and that’s not even including all of my other favorite ones! the photographer is elysehallphotography.com and she did exactly what i wanted so i was really pleased! AND my cousin made my bouquet! everyone told me i couldn’t have tulips in arizona in december but have them i did gosh darn it!

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