six months.

rather than the big las vegas blowout they had once wanted, robin and christian quietly marked their six month wedding anniversary weekend in seattle.

on friday night the couple was seen walking along broadway, friendless, but looking great during a break from their busy schedules. (christian began his bar review course last month.) the two were spotted dining at hot spot “la cocina.” robin reportedly drank a glass of water before downing her two cokes with lime. according to an observer, christian settled for water after the vegetarian waitress told him horchata wasn’t an option.

saturday, robin was seen jump roping on the corner outside their two bedroom capital hill apartment. later that day the dynamic duo made stops across tukwila, buying pillows at bb&b, an extension cord at best buy and a laundry basket at target. they also stopped by the swank swedish powerhouse ikea where shelves are filled with items for the bedroom, bathroom and clothes closets to stock up on scented candles, wrapping paper, rugs, as well as a new side table.

yesterday the couple attended their church meetings in ravenna before having a cozy dinner at home– inside sources say christian made a specialty italian dish. the two then headed down madison attempting to meet up with some pals. the friends weren’t home but robin and christian mysteriously left a plate of cupcakes behind.

“they came in with a whole bunch of cupcakes, there were like seven of them, and they walked in incognito, super low-key,” a neighbor tells PEOPLE. afterwards they hit the japanese garden near the arboretum before it closed. “they stood on a little bridge over the pond and were just really enjoying themselves, taking pictures of the koi and stopping to look at the baby ducks. they weren’t really noticed at all and were just happy, in good moods.” the relatively quiet weekend was in contrast to their original plans for a party at PURE Nightclub in las vegas that was to be open to the public. “we’re going to milk it because it’s a big anniversary,” robin said on the ellen degeneres show in may. but the bash was canceled earlier this month.

originally reported by PEOPLE here.

even more wedding photos for those who asked…


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