fishy office politics.

since my desk is adjacent to the aquarium the majority of my inter-office dialogue tends to be fish related. when we moved our offices to their current location the fish moved with us. they were introduced a few at a time. each week the colors would be more plentiful, until finally the tank reached full capacity.

once a week the fishman comes to care for the office pets. on one of his first visits he asked me if the red fish had been being too aggressive (since that was the complaint of two very vocal co-workers, accusing the red fish of pestering his neighbors. they even went so far as to dub him hannibal!)

“to be honest,” i said, “i haven’t really paid much attention to them.” i minded my own business, completing my tasks, and pausing, every so often, to admire the fish when coworkers would comment. they’d talk out loud, to no one in particular, but since i was sitting right there, i’d have to turn around and agree, or oooh and aaaah right along with them. aquarium watching should probably be added to my job description.

it didn’t take long to discover which creature gets all the love. even under water there are popularity contests. i’ve come to recognize which animal the “cooing” is directed towards…

meet chester. (try to ignore the need to follow that name with “the molester”) chester comes out every so often and scurries around and when he does, the office comes to a standstill. his little crabby frame is admired. there appears to be no end to his cuteness…

norman, the cowfish is a a close second. the fishman swears this is the same cowfish that graced our tank at the other building. my co-worker who is highly attached to the cowfish agrees. i tend to be a little skeptical. the cowfish is extremely impressive, with his tail that fans out and fins flapping all directions. my co-worker who crushes on him will put her finger tip to the glass and wait for him to press his little round lips right against the glass on the other side. she also likes to remind me that the cowfish likes sparklies… he tends to follow her wedding ring, but then again, it is quite a bling ring, even if you aren’t a cowfish.

third place probably goes to the little electric blue fish. there are about five of them and they add little flashes of color to the watery habitat.

now, while the angel fish is beautiful, it definitely is dealing with some sort of mental trauma. she is nervously skittish, bouncing to all sides to escape your glare… until she finally hides beneath some coral, waiting desperately for you to leave her alone. i may be causing her more psychiatric harm by following her around the tank.

i’ve had some more time to bond with my aquatic office-mates… i’ve suggested that i should write up bios on all of them to be added to our website… the final decision on that is still pending.


3 thoughts on “fishy office politics.

  1. >I love fish. I wish I could afford to pay someone to take care of a tank for me. That is really the only way I would have a saltwater tank. I can hardly remember to feed and clean the bowl for my beta. Are you getting the heat wave in Seattle? If you miss the heat, come over to the east side and enjoy the 100 degree weather.

  2. >I just caught up on so much stuff. happy belated 6 months! I loved your exciting day filled witth bb&b trips, etc. Almost as fun as Josh and my anniversary date at Walmart for two hours. We even had a baby sitter for it! Your office sounds like a nice low key place. Good people aren’t calling YOU Hannibal or anything!

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