the best part of waking up.

robin & coffee don’t mix.

this week at work we are having a training for elementary school teachers. our education department has curriculum compatible for math and science teaching standards in washington state which teaches students heart healthy living. they do anatomy exercises, nutrition activities and learn about stress relievers. this week the elementary school teachers are here… next week it’s middle school.

in preparation for this event i have been buying every possible heart healthy snack for their breaks. among the grapes, veggies, apples and hummus on my list was coffee. not necessarily heart healthy but we do live in seattle! i reminded my coworker i probably shouldn’t make the coffee (since i never have in my whole life) and if i were going to buy coffee i would need very explicit instructions.

so there i was. the coffee aisle at costco. to my horror coffee lined the entire left hand-side. this wasn’t going to be the in and out job i had envisioned.

my instructions: medium blend, ground.

i stood with work money burning a hole in my pocket, staring at all the choices. french vanilla, house, decaffinated, starbucks, kirkland, exotic flavors. so many choices, and here i stood with no clue. despite the fact i had “free” money, i couldn’t justify buying starbucks roasted coffees… so i economized, buying the big tub of the only medium blend, ground coffee i could find – folger’s.

so this morning as we are setting out the breakfast snacks and getting last minute things ready, there appears to be a dilemma regarding the steamy beverage… a search commences as my co-worker tries to find coffee to brew. i point to the folger’s. she politely smiles and informs me that folger’s is the equivalent of grandma coffee and that won’t fly with seattle-ites. i was shocked and embarrassed. “but they have all those commercials!” i say, trying to justify why i thought i was making an “informed purchase.” she just laughed, said it was okay, then mixed half of the folger’s with the “seattle’s best french roast” we already had… so much for me buying coffee!


6 thoughts on “the best part of waking up.

  1. >Ha! Right after my mission I ended up with a temp job working in a small real estate office. Part of my job was to make the coffee every morning (at least I didn’t have to buy it). I was so embarrased to explain to the lady that even though I was 23 years old, I had no idea how to work a coffee maker. The funny thing is, my dad drank coffee until I was 13, but he never had a coffee maker. I think he just used instant or something.

  2. >I had to make coffee at my internship, but after a while they turned the job over to someone else. I had to buy coffee for my current office and I told them to give me explicit instructions too. They only thing they said was “French Vanilla and something else that isn’t too strong.” Thanks for that! But I do love that coffee smell.

  3. >You are sooo funny, I wish you lived close by–then we could watch soccer together! I’m glad you are watching the Copa America, but I have to let you know that Brazil is going DOWN on Sunday! AGUANTE ARGENTINA!!! In the 2005 Copa America final, Brazil barely won in PK’s, but now it’s time for our revenge!!!! 🙂

  4. >I think coffee in the office causes drama. At my office at least once a day someone gets upset because there always seems to be less than one cup of coffee left in the pot. Since my office is right across from the kitchen they always ask me who the last person to get coffee was. I feel like such a rat! At least they can never blame it on me.

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