why baseball games should end in the 7th inning.

a [very short] commentary by robin marie
(apologies go out beforehand to shanna & jenny. you will not like this post!)

everyone looks forward to the 7th inning. they get to stand up and stretch and they get to sing at the top of their lungs. they are so excited about baseball even if they really aren’t. it is an energizing climax. a great ending point. but for some reason baseball thinks it needs to keep going for two more innings. well now that i think of it… baseball could even switch the stretch/singing to the 5th inning and then end in the 7th. plus, it will help all of those of us with SSAS (short sports attention spans) enjoy the game more. and by benefiting us with SSAS it will also greatly enhance the experience of our die hard baseball lover friends and family members. perfect idea. i’ll pass it along to mr. selig. i’m sure he’ll appreciate my interest.

on a side note… i have a pretty funny history with the mariners. in college during my “kbyu” days i was doing the sports report for my very first (and last) time ever. i was reading the teleprompter and as i read mariners i said “maREEners” to the utter shock of everyone in the studio. laughter erupted. but i kept my cool on air. unfortunately i have never lived down that drastic sports faux pax. ironically i now live in the city of the maREEners, but i pronounce it correctly now.

another example of just how out of the baseball loop i am… at my very first mariners game this season i decided that ichiro was my favorite player. i liked his name. i liked that he was japanese. i liked the little video they would play periodically of him with a little burst of flames behind him showing all the times he stole bases. and i especially liked the song he picked to play when his picture is up on the big screen. so it was settled, i was an ichiro suzuki fan. little did i know that he was kind of a big deal.

p.s. i promise not to throw a tantrum like the catty girl on big brother regarding my picture above… although i do hope it is not representative of how i actually look!


4 thoughts on “why baseball games should end in the 7th inning.

  1. >I think I feel the same way about baseball games. In fact maybe with a lot of sports. I don’t think I could watch an entire football games like our significant others. I find them boring. As for your picture, I had to laugh out loud. I didn’t watch Big Brother, but I caught a clip on The Best Week Ever where they made fun of the girl for her “horrible” picture. Hilarious.

  2. >this is why we need to live next to each other!! then you and i can hang out while the boys enjoy their VERY LONG games!! what do you say? could you guys possibly move somewhere warmer than rochester in the next few years??as for the crazy girl crying about her picture… i DO NOT watch big brother but we also saw it on best week ever!! such a good show.

  3. >Your “million dollar” list makes me so homesick. Ditto on the Odwalla and lemon-berry slushes and world market and, well everything…and ditto to the baseball stuff too. I’ve been to so many more games than I EVER thought possible and I live for the seventh inning stretch – always seemed like the perfect time to end. One nice thing about living BFE nowhere, no baseball! 🙂

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