friendship =

saying you’ll be the one to pay for my wedding dress.


making up a portuguese code about our coworkers, discussing harry potter theories and gushing over vm.


fuzzy cat stickers that keep appearing on mail from the u.s. to brazil.

an understanding voice on the other side of the phone…

having gone through the same thing, almost, and letting me know i’m normal.

sanding down a table. covering it in a coat of turquoise paint… then a coat of black, and then sanding some more.


pizza & pop delivered in seattle…
but ordered in fairfax. 

dancing at a house party, and continuing to dance in the pouring rain
while everyone else watches us get more and more drenched.

car dancing in front of the b&n in georgetown to “hey ya!”


hitting on a married man (accidentally) for you. 

a much needed plane ticket home at a critical moment. 

sitting on a hot cement step, taking endless pictures… of ourselves.

letting me know that you and your husband have been praying for my happiness specifically.


helping me frost sugar cookies the night before easter, on a small coffee table in our bedroom.

after all these years, still meeting up over and over again in nyc, dc, arlington, hollywood, phoenix and even harrisonburg.

a vase filled with irises & a perfect note waiting for me at work.
cheesy movies and thai food.


singing every efy-michael mclean-young women-janice kapp perry-seminary song from alexandria to harrisonburg.

laughing so hard, everyone else wonders how we ever accomplished anything together.


generously offering up ddr for the perfect oc-esque birthday party.



squeezing my hand so tight in the movie theater as we scream during the painful james bond scene.

at night, in our bunk bed…
talking, crying, laughing… together.
when we should have been sleeping.


5 thoughts on “friendship =

  1. >Robin…My friends decided on Aug 25th or maybe even Sept 1st now. I haven’t heard, but I want to see you! Where are you staying? How long will you be here? I live in Pleasant Grove, we can meet somewhere for lunch or you and your hubby can come hang out at our apt. Will you do a few conference talk impersonations again? You know I can’t watch conference the same now, sometimes I’ll listen and try to guess which organization the women are from before thier info pops up. It’s fun! Hope to see you!

  2. >ha ha ha!!!! we can definitely play a round of “conference talk impersonations!” we are mostly staying with my cousin in pleasant grove so this works out perfectly!

  3. >man, robin, i miss you so much!! i am beyond flattered to be part of you post. too bad i have no one else to make up code names with. now i want a copy of that picture!

  4. >That’s awesome. I was just telling one of my friends the story about daning in the rain… priceless… and I had almost forgotten about the endless sanding. Thanks for bringing up the wonderful memory again… I think my hands are starting to hurt all over again…

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