the cheese stands alone.

i don’t know if it’s just christian’s super human strength or what… but in these past few months i have more bodily injuries resulting from him misjudging where i was and sitting on me or stepping on me or bumping me or elbowing me or scratching me… i think you are getting the picture. it has become quite comical. if i’m saying “ow!” christian is most likely to blame and he usually is completely oblivious to the harm he has inflicted.

the other day i caught him singing this old nursery rhyme:

“the farmer beats the wife. the farmer beats the wife. hi-ho the derry-o…”

to which i abruptly said, “did you just say the farmer beats the wife!?”

“isn’t that how it goes?” was his innocent response.

“um, no. the farmer TAKES a wife, the wife takes a child, the child takes a dog, the dog a cat, the cat a rat, the rat cheese and the cheese stands alone! remember?”

“i guess that does sound kind of familiar.”

maybe this oversight in preschool sing-alongs is to blame. or maybe he does just have super human powers.


4 thoughts on “the cheese stands alone.

  1. >Robs,Long time no talk. I will call you this week. My mom and Em are coming to Seattle in September. You need to hang out with them. I wish I was coming too. LOVE YOU girl and LOVE yoru blog

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