breakups and burritos.

as a week getaway to utah drew to a close we decided to swing through preston, idaho, where there is definitely something for everyone… to understand our detour, you would probably need to know that our first date back in 2004 was to see a classic movie full of chapstick, side pony tails, creepy uncles and tether ball.

after we got our napoleon dynamite fill… we backtracked through logan and saw what could possibly be our last chance for cafe rio in a very long time. knowing how many hours laid ahead through idaho farmland, we pulled in, eager for our burritos smothered in tomatillo sauce and cheese. down in provo we’d already feasted on cafe rio once… sharing a salad. but this time there’d be no sharing. we each beheld our glorious last supper, in a sense, and dug in…. feeling at home in a town we’d never dined in.

reluctantly we used the facilities and headed to our car a good four hours behind schedule. it was 1pm and we were still utah. not a very good sign. the smell of the sun baking the hot asphalt below my feet made me miss all things summer and arizona. i put on my sunglasses and grabbed christian’s hand.

suddenly our moment was tainted by a sobbing teenager sitting right next to us on the curb. i paused as she uttered two, emotional sentences into the cell phone she clutched,

“but i LOVE you! i want to BE with you!!” sniffles and sharp breaths…

i was frozen. christian stated what i was already thinking,

“man! i want to hear this!”

but we were not likely eavesdroppers, and were forced to imagine what the outcome would be for this damsel in distress. i did sneak a peak at her though as i slid into the car. her shoulders shaking as her brown hair fell down to shield her face from onlookers like me. while she sat in her sadness, we were soon on the road again, taking in open sky, massive mountains and perfectly white clouds.


7 thoughts on “breakups and burritos.

  1. >One night this girl sat somewhere right outside our window and had an amazingly long, tragic cell phone conversation. It had a lot of sobbing and stuff like “Mom, don’t say that.” At first it was kind of funny, then I started to feel uncomfortable.

  2. >You were in Logan and didn’t let us know? Chris and I would have loved to get together with you guys. Wait, come to think of it, we’ll be in Seattle this weekend…

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