how much for the bloody golf club?

its reputation preceded it.

friends had found great finds. an almost new leather chair for $20. barely used baby clothes. pretty much anything your little heart desired, the seattle goodwill possibly carried it in a second-hand sort of way. after making a costco run one saturday morning (funny how christian swears he will never go back to costco on a saturday every time we’re there on a saturday) i convinced him to stop by the mecca of all things thrift.

to get there, we meandered through portions of the international district that i had never seen. asian markets lined the streets with vibrant colors and activity… and of course a few traffic jams. turning on to a particular street was an immediate mistake as we came screeching to a halt. confusion ensued. both sides of the street were lined with parked cars leaving practically one lane to drive. a white mini van, with a obstinate driver at the wheel was stopped in front of us. his blinker indicated his right hand turn intentions. but the parking lot of his desire was already bubbling over with other eager shoppers.

patience was running low and we were able to escape the mess just in time… making our way to the corner lined with giant goodwill trailers. goodwill took up most of the city block and the entire parking lot was packed. i practically skipped in, excited for what i would find.

the anticipation rapidly fizzled–for the record i’m not above shopping at savers, ross, tj maxx, di, salvation army or marshalls–but the scene that presented itself was quite frightening… people everywhere, dirty children running wild, piles of clothing upon piles of clothing. we snaked back past the clothing department through the building to the section with household items. this is where i knew treasures awaited.

shelves and shelves of books, records, cassette tapes, bread machines for $6, amazing framed artwork, kitchenware! christian bee-lined for the “sporting good” section while i inspected a whole row of $14.99 sewing machines. some fairly good brands graced the shelf… but another shopper, looking more like a class-A street thug kind of made me change aisles. he kept smiling and saying very sleazily, “hell-O” so i zipped to the books & music. still feeling street thug’s grimy gaze i chose to pursue less-men filled pastures… the kitchen section.

the disorganization and dirtiness of it all finally quelled my appetite for goodwill shopping. i found christian inspecting the putters. a greasy man, mumbling golf lingo kept handing christian clubs and offered to put a set in a golf bag. we distanced ourselves with a measly putter.

does that guy work here? i asked christian.

apparently he did not, well i hope he didn’t. you’d think the goodwill would have a policy that employees are not to bleed on the goods. yes, this man had an open gushing wound. i was done. i had that feeling you get when you think a spider has just crawled on you but you can’t find it… and then you start having imaginary but real creepy crawly feelings all over your body. i was definitely in the creepy-crawly stage.

despite our freshly lysol‘ed finds: a putter, an original duck hunt/nintendo gun, two beginning piano books (christmas & hymns), i do not think we’ll be making a return trip anytime soon.


4 thoughts on “how much for the bloody golf club?

  1. >I’m sorry I didn’t make Christian’s party, and we must have just missed each other at Goodwill! I was there on Saturday as well. Except I was dropping off over 70 items of clothing and over 20 household items and I was in Manassas… it’s amazing that I still have too much stuff!

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