tennis elbow.

well, maybe it’s more like tennis wrist-forearm-thumb… and i definitely have a mad case of it. a trusted source says that Tennis elbow is a condition where the outer part of the elbow becomes painful and tender, usually as a result of a specific strain or overuse. Although it is called “tennis elbow”, it should be noted that it is not restricted to tennis players. this is where i’ll have to contradict wikipedia. tennis elbow is not restricted to tennis players?! well that is just silly. it’s called tennis elbow. not just elbow. besides, after my mad serving and slicing this past saturday i am definitely a tennis player. christian keeps telling me i need to do more push ups to not be sore the next time… but the parts of my arm that are hurting are not anyway connected to pushups! on top of that, i may have to work on my vocal game as well as my physical game to be taken seriously… and i probably should cut back on the number of balls i hit over the fence… but considering my only previous “racket” experience consisted of beginning racquetball at byu… i have improved by leaps and bounds.

summer session 1998 i walked into the racquetball courts. this class would fulfill my last physical education credit. i had already taken jazz and modern dance. and try as i may i could not for the life of me add soccer fast enough. i walked into class wearing my gray and blue p.e. uniform. the last person i expected was my cousin becky. but there she sat, a few months into her first pregnancy. she just happened to sign up for the very same section. it had to be fate and we treated the coincidence as such. every class we’d avoid pairing off with anyone else and would make our way to a court. once inside the echoing cell we’d hit the ball for a while until our attention focused more on our conversation then our swing.

while other students improved, we just enjoyed an entire hour to ourselves. the teacher caught on one day. “maybe i wasn’t clear, but the object of the class is for you to rotate partners, playing others with different abilities and hopefully improve–” he stopped mid-sentence, staring from becky to me and then from me to becky. he looked confused and then said, “are you two sisters?” “cousins!” we said enthusiastically. in a defeated sort of way he allowed us our hour of cousin chit chat. it’s funny, but all these years i’ve been proclaiming that i received a D in that class and blamed it on a hole in my racket.

Summer Term 1998PE     146   002 Racquetball, Beginning  0.5  BSEM HR ERN    0.5  HR GRD     0.5  GPA  3.00

4 thoughts on “tennis elbow.

  1. >Ulnar Transposition surgery is the way to go. I love my scar and all the pain and agony I went through–not to mention the reduced size of my left forearm. So, remember your genes and either take it easy, off and on, or get a cortisone shot.

  2. >The “B” I got was so worth having the class with you. I seem to remember other memories of that class- chasing you around the locker room with a racket because you had failed to mention a certain kiss- you laughing as I tried to fit BYU uniform around my rapidly expanding belly- and those awful boys that thought it was cool to serve the ball 1 inch above the ground (like we were even going to hit it if they served it 6 feet above the ground!). I yearn for a racquetball court close- maybe I will try tennis.

  3. >i think that class we took together was really quite monumental! and indicative of some byu guys trying to be big fish in a mini pond full of beginners! what jerks! i had forgotten about your growing belly though!! and i definitely remember dodging your racket as you chased me through the locker room!! ha ha.

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