we gonna party like it’s your birthday.

in true fashion an unveiling is happening today. not so much to coincide with other, equally exciting unveilings.

and not the focus of what the past six september 11ths have triggered in all u.s. americans.

september 11th is now married to something else in my life. it’s a tricky dance between the emotion i generally feel on this day and the candles and cake and presents it now bears.

my life in television news began on september 11th, 2001 in provo, utah. as seniors in broadcast journalism we were about to go on air for the first time. i walked to campus after one tower had already been struck. our lineup shaken. i watched the towers fall live. even as reporters on the ground in new york were unclear as to what was happening amidst the smoke and ash, thousands of miles away, connected through television news, we clearly saw and realized the horror as it crashed down. this was breaking news in its rawest sense and we, inexperienced and naive, scrambled to comply with deadlines…

the next summer i’d visit ground zero. and the following five years i lived in the shadow of the pentagon. the wounded wing easily seen from washington boulevard, 395 or 110. the mended walls just barely a different shade then the rest of the majestic building. the building i can clearly spot when flying in to the city. the building that neighbors other fallen men and women.

christian, as he likes to say, was born first. born before september 11th was associated with tragedy, sadness and death. born before 9/11 meant anymore than his day. but his september 11th is forever changed, as is mine. despite the heaviness of the day, i gladly welcome it as the milestone that means… for a measly five months, christian and i are the same age. we will celebrate with pizza & strawberry shortcake.


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