nerd alert! nerd alert!

having spent nearly five years in the dc area, moving to the emerald city was a shock where museum entrance fees are concerned. i don’t remember the last time i paid to enter a museum… but one of my first visits here was to the seattle zoo and i was very monetarily unprepared. luckily my friend snapped me out of my shock with her visitor pass. but that was back in february. i have yet to explore all the amazing museums offered nearby.

so last week we decided to tag along with some friends and take advantage of the first thursday free offer. we headed off to what i though was the science museum. i was thinking about the smithsonian and knew it wouldn’t be nearly as impressive… but still i anticipated the outing. as we approached the entrance i realized that we weren’t entering a building full of fossils and skeletons but rather one full of, well, freaks! it was the science fiction museum and i swear i felt like i had entered another world!

i also realized i wasn’t extremely well versed in sci-fi… i recognized a vonnegut here or a bradbury there… but that was about it. and i had only seen a handful of movies… it was very cool to listen to the original broadcast of the war of the worlds which sparked pandemonium as well as see some original costumes… but all and all i left knowing what i already knew.

i am not a trekkie.


5 thoughts on “nerd alert! nerd alert!

  1. >Well if your only take on Sci Fi is Bradbury and Vonnegut then I can’t see how you walked in there and out knowing the exact same thing. They had Luke’s lightsaber! COME ON!

  2. >Maybe you should try the Experience Music Project. You can make your own DVD of your very own band’s live performance. I can see you dancing while playing the heck out of the maracas.

  3. >the planetarium in kansas city is doing a show using the original broadcast of the war of the worlds this fall…we are way too excited about it.and not a trekkie? can we still be friends?=P

  4. >Chris and I were discussing these exact things during our trip. Free museums are awesome, and that’s why we should move back to DC.The Science Fiction Museum was a bit much. I liked the costumes, but didn’t care about much else, unlike the father-in-law! The EMP is really the better of the two deals, but admission for the two is 2/1. (I’m not sure when the Disney exhibit at the EMP ends, but I very much enjoyed it!)

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