lipids! lipids!

this summer i had to do a cat-scan and some blood work for my headaches. after i got the ominous results i have been singing a little song i like to call, “lipids! lipids!” i’m still working on the rest of the lyrics but that’s pretty much the song. my ode to lipids is due to the fact that my lipids are less than stellar. in my doctor’s nearly illegible scrawl i read, “blood work looks good. lipids are a bit high. exercise, more balanced diet.”

i was a little shocked. i mean, if i’m going to have high lipids i might as well be getting the pleasure of eating all the delicious lipi-fied foods out there. but that’s just it, i don’t go around eating butter balls and drinking oil. i was pretty distraught. it felt like getting a bad grade on a report card… only the grade was for something i had no idea i had to study for. the nurses at work assured me that exhibiting high lipids could very well have nothing to do with how a person eats.

having heard that great news, i adopted my little lipid song. every time i was about to eat a jack-in-the-box taco i’d sing it. whenever i’d butter my toast i’d sing it. as salad dressing poured out i sang it. while slurping a dick’s milkshake i bopped my head to my made up song. while watching my corn on the cob smothered in butter and cheese and lime i happily sang it. and this weekend… while hunting for funnel cake, you guessed it… i sang it.

you see, as these photos illustrate it is much better to embrace our lipids then to revile them. and let me just tell you… even though this wasn’t the indian fry bread i usually eat at fairs it was just as good. thank goodness for lipids!!


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