battle of the chips.

sticking with my lipid worship… my first days of life happened to be near a fine arizona establishment called pete’s fish and chips. i have fond memories of the red sign, the line that would form out front and hearing my dad place our order through the glass. fish and chips made it quickly onto my favorite snack list… however i may have had no choice in the matter. i could have very well inherited my desire for crisp fish fillets atop french fries with grease saturating the cardboard boxy dish… upon completion i would lick my fingers and be thoroughly satisfied.

my pete’s happens to be on 44th street and indian school. but the one just across from the mormon temple is also a favorite stop. when i fly home, sometimes we drive straight to pete’s from the airport. the last time i was there, my dad, sister and i waited on a sticky pic-nic bench while the may sun beat down on us. i remember being grateful for the misting system. i also remember a cute hispanic family eavesdropping on our conversation and laughing with or at us… i wasn’t completely sure. it was only after that i realized what shirt i had been wearing that day.

here in the pacific northwest i have given up sonic, filiberto’s, cafe rio, wegman’s, marino’s and a gazillion other places… but ivar’s has stepped in to fill my pete’s lack!


One thought on “battle of the chips.

  1. >please tell me that by “given up” you mean “moved away from” and not “sworn off forever and ever amen”! cafe rio and sonic are just too good for that (as are, i’m sure, the others, based on your preferences that i’m familiar with)

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