debatable interpretations.

twice a year as members of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints, we gather together for a general conference. our prophet and apostles and other leaders speak to us over the course of four, two hour sessions. when i was little we went to the chapel to watch these conferences via satellite. often we’d be perched in our sunday clothes on the front pew. my mom encouraged our attentiveness by making sure we took notes. often, she’d create a note sheet for us. i always loved taking notes. however, i don’t think i always loved sitting through eight hours of conference. my brother opted to draw each speaker rather than what they said.

over the years, technology has changed. the internet opened up the possibility to listen to conference online. some can hear it on their radios. and an increasingly bigger amount are able to watch the conference sessions on cable. i eagerly welcomed conference into my own home. now i could sit on my couch, in my pajamas and watch it. it seemed like a silly indulgence, but there are only two sundays a year i don’t have to put on a skirt!

there are two additional sessions of conference which can only be viewed by going to the church building. last week i attended the women’s broadcast where speakers address the women of our church directly. alternately, last night was the men’s priesthood session. before christian left i reminded him to take notes for me! i always expect some ground breaking announcement during that meeting, and waiting for the conference edition of the ensign just seems like too long of a wait. he said he would take notes, and i met up with two friends to watch a movie none of our husbands approved of.

when i came home i found a little notepad filled with christian’s scrawl. he had actually taken notes! it only took about two sentences to realize his ruse!

***for anyone who needs more clarification regarding general conference or this post in general just let me know! i tried my best to de-mormonify the verbiage! also, the entire conference will be available soon on if you are interested in seeing what the speakers really talked about while christian was busy telling me to love sports and cook salmon!

9 thoughts on “debatable interpretations.

  1. >Haha! Love it!Chris said he’s glad Christian captured this in notes, because he forgot to write this stuff down. And for some reason when he was going over his notes last night, he again failed to tell me about it. Christian must have been really in tune to the Spirit.

  2. >man, either i must have been doing some serious zoning out or christian must have been doing some serious likening of the word unto himself there.and i have to totally disagree with anonymous student doctor grace: the cofjcoflds has got it spot on–mario kart rocks.

  3. >So funny. I’m always bugging my husband to give me the scoop too. This time around he remembered the vague premise of probably three of the talks. This was a major step forward for him. He has often said, “Why is it the women’s meeting is all about how great and amazing the women are, and the men’s meeting is all about how great and amazing the women are. The only time we hear something different is if we are being told not to watch pornography or do our home teaching.” Well, if the shoe fits . . .

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