when i grow up…

it wasn’t enough that i opened up to everyone regarding my fashion void past and continual bad hair… but my family saw this as an invitation to bombard me with tangible proof, that, yes indeed i looked funny. the weird thing is i started out looking like an alien…
then i moved on to be a super cute kid, if not the cutest kid. you can’t see it, but that little dress i’m wearing on the left has a G appliqued on it along with a Giraffe. i wore it my very first day of school. lucky for my sisters, their first day of school included this very same outfit, including the same red ribbons in their curly hair.

middle school wasn’t too bad. i do remember
liking the colors in this blouse but knowing that it wasn’t a “cool” blouse… especially after my mom added the gold pipping it was even less cool. but she insisted i looked amazing. this is the same year i was confronted with name brands and cliques and realizing my pro-wings weren’t the coolest high tops after all.

and then there was 8th grade graduation… i was the only girl at the graduation not wearing a floral print dress or spring colors. it was after all, spring… but we went with this outfit… and according to “mom folklore” there was a gasp when i came on stage. you know, it’s one of those stories where your parents have to say you look amazing because they’re your parents… even though looking back you now have proof as to how you really looked all those years! i think how i’m holding that 1992 awning was the perfect touch!

and then the “35-year-old-soccer-mom” years hit somewhere during high school and continued through college… something about those bangs!

christian likes to remind me i also went through a “single mom” phase. here i am with my two little girls…

i wasn’t always mistaken for a single mother… once i was mistaken for a mother of three! it was the summer before my sophomore year of college. my brothers and sisters and i were all waiting outside of the salt lake temple. my cousin becky was getting married. while we waited, we asked a nice old man to take a picture of the five of us. let’s quickly review our ages; me – 19, james – almost 14, leiland – 11, asia – 8, rachel – 3. the man took the picture, and then tapped my leg while pointing to james, “what a beautiful family you both have!” (check back for the picture)


10 thoughts on “when i grow up…

  1. >Bi-Don’t forget that the Soccer Mom picture was good enough to get you the Cover of the Duke Mailer in 1996. Has Christian seen your modeling debut? The pictures of us eating popcorn are HOT.I still have it and would be happy to scan it and email it…since, you know, I’m good at that.MG

  2. >you’ve defined the stages so perfectly, robin! that’s just awesome.and let me tell you–i can’t wait to see the missing “party of 5” shot!

  3. >matt! i am a covergirl aren’t i!? please use your mad skills to scan that duke flyer… i have it and christian has seen it but i’m not sure where it is right now…

  4. >I also went through a soccer mom phase, although sadly it was throughout junior high AND high school. My hair was cut short, seriously like a 50-year-old woman’s, and I would borrow clothes from my mom to wear to school. I wasn’t TRYING to be a dork, it just kindof happened naturally. I’m glad I have a kindred spirit.

  5. >And then there was the time you and Daddy went to pick out a beautiful flowered maternity dress for your Mom and the saleslady thought it was for you, the little wifey!

  6. >I also borrowed my mother’s clothes in middle school (see julia’s comment), why would I DO THAT? Oh, yeah, I didn’t own a pair of jeans and realized that nobody wore leggings anymore except me. I had hamster roll bangs to top it off.

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