5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate…

i love pumpkin patches.

it all started when i was in kindergarten. i remember it was the night before our big field trip to the pumpkin patch. i was beyond excited. unfortunately, i was pretty sick. i don’t know if the following dialogue actually took place, but it remains in the wings of my memory as an actual scene:

dad: bi*, you are too sick to go to the pumpkin patch tomorrow.

me: no i’m not!

dad: if you go tomorrow you’ll get all the other kids sick, what do you think about that?

me: i don’t care if the other kids get sick! i want to go to the pumpkin patch.

obviously i exhibited an extremely heightened sense of compassion at a very early age. needless to say, little bi did not grace a pumpkin patch the following day.

but last year on the 16th of october christian took me to a pumpkin patch. it was my first time in seattle. the night before, even though my flight had been delayed and he picked me up in the middle of the night he still managed to surprise me with a room full of candles and tulips and there was even a ring involved.

so we made the trek back out to our little pumpkin patch this weekend. maybe one day, we’ll have little kids in little rain boots to take there. but only if they aren’t sick!!

*bi- is my japanese nickname, it is pronounced bee. it has been my nickname since before i can remember. growing up church friends called me robin and school friends called me bi… mass confusion occurred at my 6th birthday party!


4 thoughts on “5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate…

  1. >Robin,I love the blog site. I found it on Natalie Gidden’s blog. Crazy you are in Seattle. Just had breakfast with Shaughni a couple weeks ago. Her little girl is adorable! When are you coming to Utah?

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