como se diz…

it’s been over two years and oh, by the way, i’m married!

so for those of you just joining us… i had a few lovers in africa. and by few i mean two. and by lovers, i mean tall, dark, handsome young men who professed their undying love to me repeatedly, called me their “dream” and an “answer to prayer” and insisted that i was to bear their half african babies. all of this of course occurred during the whirlwind of a day that was my last full day in mozambique. lest you fear, i declined both (even fought off a kiss on a busy beira street) and boarded my previously scheduled flight back to the u-s-of-a. what followed would have been a certifiable restraining order situation if the men did not live in huts half way across the world!

phone call upon phone call. sometimes as many as 16 calls within a 4 hour period. all hours of the day and night africa would register on my cell phone. my friends got used to me saying, ‘oh, it’s just africa.’ then the emails. oh the insanely hilarious emails! it was pretty nice to know that i could bewitch two young men with such power and then just crush their little hearts!

drastic measures were taken. my extremely obvious rejections through email and my demands to receive no more phone calls were clearly dismissed. the phone rang. and rang. and rang. my cell phone voice mail message became generic and manly. it was my dad’s deep voice. the calls ceased….for a while… with sporadic rings every few months. then gaps of time with africa no longer calling and then, when you least expect it, it pops back up. two missed phone calls this morning… it’s just africa!


5 thoughts on “como se diz…

  1. >Shortly after my mission I went to a singles dance in DC and met a very nice guy from Nicarauga. And I made the mistake of giving him my phone number (it was my house, I didn’t have a cell). My parents got extremely tired of him calling my home every single night, and then he gave my number to his Peruvian friends and they started to call all the time. Sigh. He wanted me to go to Nicarauga to meet his grandma and I broke his heart by turning him down.

  2. >oh robin, this is just too cool…and here i thought you were going to talk about the nigerian bank fraud people…this is so much better!

  3. >That is funny that you are having this problem because, although not as flattering, Seth and I are having the same problem right now. We got a new number that happened to belong to Barnabus Addai. People from Mali call for him all day long as well as debt collectors both groups disregard the time of day or frequency of phone calls. I am starting to feel as if I know Barnabus and his African friends. My question is, how is it that people can afford to call the US that frequently? Isn’t it pricy?

  4. >Robin, your mom tells me about your funny stories so regularly, I have become a regular reader(hope you don’t mind). You and your husband are hilarious! –Cynthia (a friend of your mom’s)

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