this is the dawning of the age of aquarius.

from the time i was young purple caught my eye. i was born in february. amethyst is my birthstone and maybe because the moons aligned and fate stepped in, purple, is my favorite color. it would find its way into my prom dress and eventually my wedding ring. but other than the occasional glance at my horoscope i didn’t give astrology a second thought… until yesterday.

at work several of us have been meeting together once a week for what we’ve called “wellness meetings.” our focus, or so we thought, was to eat better, lose weight and be all around healthier. bossman agreed that these were acceptable pursuits, especially for an institute proclaiming heart health. he generously offered to have trainer-friend run this program. so we meet once a week for an hour. some women were gung-ho, others of us wanted to feel it out.

yesterday was meeting number three and trainer-friend decided to invite her astrology/medium friend “cc”. we all thought her message would tie in somehow to nutrition and healthy living… or not! after she lit a candle, drew the astrological calendar on the board and warned scorpios and taurus of the full moon last night, she also let us know that she was a medium, and by being such if someone from the other side were to enter, she has made a commitment to speak to them. despite my best efforts to think dead people into the room she did not mention any.

she then jumped into a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about our inner-goddess. apparently she talks to hers all the time… during the meeting several coworkers kept making faces at me, trying to get me to crack. most avoided eye contact and appeared extremely uncomfortable. before exiting she passed out perfume and extolled each and every one of us to embrace our femininity and where a fragrance daily… my coworker calls that fragrance eau de toilet!

afterwards we laughed about the whole situation. we all agreed that a very different and divine power guides our lives…. and then we all drove home, but i couldn’t shake the feeling that my inner goddess hitched a ride!


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