just like that.

i have this memory of cookbooks. whether it was the one in my mom’s kitchen that had the perfect banana bread recipe and just right pie crust. or maybe it is that soiled and wrinkly piece of lined paper that has followed me through college and my mission and keeps telling me how to make our amazing tanner sugar cookies. lately it has been an ingenious book filled with crock pot recipes asking for only 5 ingredients and my new cupcake experiments. i also remember a metal bookcase in my granny’s kitchen filled with countless recipe books. some spiral bound. others hard backs with glossy covers. (that is me leaning against said bookcase in the kitchen with my dad and granny… i know you’re jealous of my amazing fashion awareness!) the funny part about this memory is that i never cooked with my granny. and i never saw her cooking. i did appreciate her homemade chex mix in an overflowing bowl each christmas, but i never saw the mix in production. but i remember the wealth of information in that kitchen. i remember the eagerness to talk to my granny. i remember the delicious meals and treats with cousins in that kitchen. i even remember receiving my very first cabbage patch doll in that kitchen. she had red yarn hair.

so back to the cookbooks…. for some reason, through all of these examples, i thought the cook book of all cook books was of the better homes and garden type, you know a 3-ring binder filled with cooking know-how. my mom actually has a yellow pillsbury one. but when i saw the red checkered better homes and garden one earlier this year i knew that it needed to be added to my collection immediately.

i have used it frequently. but most impressive was my meal this past week. i came home with a craving for sloppy joes. we didn’t have any sloppy joe seasoning packets and this was the only way i knew how to make the little sloppy sandwiches. so i pulled out my trusty book, flipped through it and started working.

and just like that we were eating sloppy joes for dinner. they were even better than any seasoning packet (probably my secret addition of brown sugar!) i was very impressed with myself, and christian was even more impressed. which is probably most important.


7 thoughts on “just like that.

  1. >Our main cookbook while growing up was also the Better Homes and Gardens red-and-white. I got one when I went to college, but it was a paperback and not the three-ring binder. I finally replaced it earlier this year with a new one, but I ended up keeping the falling-apart paperback because it had some of my favorite recipes in it that weren’t in the new edition. I love that cookbook.

  2. >So, kind of I’m not thinking about the fact that the President of Venezuela is raging lunatic who hates Americans and trying to focus on the adventure aspect of this. Let’s be honest, there are worse places to live, and since my kid(s) won’t be in school, I can barricade myself in my house anytime I feel inclined. Plus, the US of A is not so far away I can’t run and hide if need be…coming to visit?

  3. >I love that picture. It brings back the feeling of Granny’s kitchen. I remember the candy jars by the back door and Grandpa making Thanksgiving gravy. I think this is where we both learned to feel jipped at Thanksgiving unless there are at least 4 different kinds of pie (including the token mincemeat- did you ever eat it?). I grew up with Betty Crocker but I think I may just convert to “America’s Test Kitchen” after seeing it at my friend Whitney’s house!

  4. >becky, yes the candy jars were a staple!! and i know how to make gravy because of grandpa! and the mincemeat pie, fortunately i never tasted it! i’ll have to check out this “america’s test kitchen.”and speaking of recipes… i just stole this one from brooke’s recipe blog:1 spice cake mix1 can pumpkin pie fillings1/2 cup water3 eggs mix it all together, add half a bag of chocolate chips and bake the most delicious cupcakes ever!

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