although i was born in 1978 and should more fully embrace the 80s in me i usually opt for the 70s. i have my parents to thank for that one. it’s not every little kid who hears their first live concert while still wearing diapers. i learned to fall asleep to anything. even if it was my dad waling away on his electric guitar in the middle of the night. as you can guess, our family is very music centered. everything was accepted and played (with the exception of a few genres.) we recognized blue grass, folk, classic rock, heavy metal, classical, rock, latin… we started in band as soon as possible each laying claim to instruments… violin, flute, clarinet, sax, trumpet, piano, guitar… our musical pursuits often appeared in funny places. for example, we once had a parakeet named stills.

in high school i realized that our family’s musical philosophy… especially for a mormon family, was really not the norm. my parents taught us that for the most part musicians are inspired, but that doesn’t mean everything they create is worthy of enjoying. we were then entrusted to sort through the songs and artists. i also realized in high school that most kids were indoctrinated by older siblings as to “cool” music. this meant that my schoolmates were very much into the depeche mode/inxs sound. the kids who were also the oldest child like me thought of their parents as out of touch where music was concerned. i was baffled by that scenario as well.

last labor day i picked christian up from the richmond airport. we had a two hour drive to harrisonburg. i brought along all of my favorites that i knew he wasn’t familiar with. don’t get me wrong, christian loves music… he is just extremely particular. i put in my heart cd and sang almost every song at the top of my lungs. i don’t think he was feeling it.

last saturday my work had it’s biggest fundraiser of the year, its rock ‘n roll gala. i worked all day and christian volunteered that night. and at 9:30 heart stepped on stage. it was such a small area, we were so close to the stage! i slipped my cd to bossman and he worked his magic. i know there are already black swirlies on the cd as well as my name, but if you look closely you can just make out ann and nancy wilson, maybe.

even after my amazing tutelage last fall, christian only recognized barracuda.


8 thoughts on “heart.

  1. >I didn’t know anything about 80s music until I got to BYU. My parents also listened to all kinds of music when I was growing up, with an emphasis on rock n’roll and old-school country. My first name was actually inspired by Merle Haggard’s third wife who released one album in 1977. Nice. The other night I was flipping channels and came across The Johnny Cash show on PBS. Ben was laughing his head off because I was singing along with Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette. I’ve been trying to get him to like it, but he keeps resisting.

  2. >You don’t know how many hours I spent learning Dog & Butterfly, Barracuda, Magic Man, and countless others. I am glad you got to see them up close like that. Leiland and I saw Dio with Black Sabbath a while ago and it was like watching Rock Royalty. Kids (and parents) today are much too narrow-minded in their approach to almost everything–including music. I am proud of you.

  3. >I’m sorry I took you to all the band practices as a baby; you seemed to like it and nobody was thinking about hearing loss at the time…Times have changed. Even Warsaw Wally’s on Indian Sch. Rd. was sold and changed names now to something dorkified like “26th Street Blues” or whatever. Warsaw Wally’s is where you danced on the bar (with assistance) in your diapers to some really great blues. I don’t know what we were thinking…except we loved music, and we loved you and took you with us.

  4. >I think you need to educate me, I’m into music but no one ever told me about heart, my parents were into the Beattles, Beachboys and Bread and that’s about it.

  5. >Ah yes. Comparing musical tastes has been a source of great amusement in our marriage. Also the age of one’s parents influences everyone I think. My Dad has Brazil 66 and the Ventures cds. Scott’s Dad was into Jim Croce and the Sticks. As you can see, we’re set!

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