you know you’re at a fancy restaurant when…

  1. they refer to the person who made the reservation (me) repeatedly by name (ms. tanner)
  2. the waiter introduced himself to me by saying, “ms. tanner” and shaking my hand
  3. i was again referred to by name and given the wine list
  4. the restaurant is on the 21st floor of the hyatt
  5. the restaurant validates VALET parking
  6. refills on the lemonade cost extra
  7. an appetizer tray costs $34
  8. a t-bone steak weighing 36 ounces is on the menu
  9. the aforementioned steak costs $71
  10. several waiters are continually bus-ing our table
  11. the water glasses were mysteriously ALWAYS full
  12. the waiter has a handy flashlight to help us make sure the steaks are cooked to our individual requests
  13. appetizers are only cheaper in the bar during happy hour
  14. the total bill for 2 couples comes out to $218

luckily bossman gave us a $50 gift card. and besides, it’s not every day you get to eat at daniel’s broiler. it was a special occasion, we celebrated “christian’s passing of the bar.” the lovely and pricey evening ended with christian telling the waiter that he could go ahead and box up our food in the same box since “we were going home together.” to that the waiter responded, “you haven’t even had anything to drink!”


6 thoughts on “you know you’re at a fancy restaurant when…

  1. >I’m so glad to read your post. Friday night I had to stay up and watch the news because the anchors kept saying portentious and uninformational things about a newlywed couple who died mysteriously in their apartment. And my slightly paranoid self had to make sure it wasn’t you. So I’m glad that you were out celebrating instead of the alternative! And congrats to Christian on passing the bar.

  2. >I don’t know if it’s just a city thing but I do feel that waiters get slighted if we don’t order alcohol. I always wonder if spitting in someone’s food is acceptable in the food service industry or if that’s a rumor they created in order get a good tip.

  3. >the bill for two couples was 218 or the bill for two people? that would make a big difference!and yes, congrats on passing the bar!i just loved your little bit about the waiter at the end. is it so strange for a married couple to go to a nice restaurant together? our waitress didn’t even bat an eyelash at olive garden when we asked her to box our two dinners together, so maybe just expensive restaurant waiters get suspicious.

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