in the works–

lots of times i feel like i have zero marketable skills and zero beauty pageant-esque talents… but after this year’s miss teen america pageant my spirits were boosted just slightly. you see, the things i’m good at or like to do aren’t necessarily big money makers, unlike my amazing photographer, cake-decorator, seamstress friends. and since it’s not likely that i’ll jump on the mary kay, stampin’ up, pampered chef or shade bandwagon anytime soon i won’t be making loads of money out of my home. poor christian keeps saying i’m his sugar mama but my measly check gravely contradicts that statement!

enter robin’s side job… La Casa de Bueno Finger Puppets.

you’ve seen them in south american countries. small children with big, irresistible eyes call you amiga and forcing you to buy not just one, but in the case my friend laura, DOZENS, of hand-woven finger puppets. they can be traditional, llamas and farm animals, or more of a dc comic/disney fare. you could probably even request a character. well laura just bought a one way ticket home and if things go well i think i could convince her to open up shop with me… i’m sure we could pump these out by the HUNDREDS!!!

warm, cozy finger puppets beat pink cadillacs anyday!

9 thoughts on “in the works–

  1. >Yay for not jumping on the Mary Kay, Pampered Chef or Shade bandwagon. Those are agonizing! I love your idea. Those are the perfect sacrament meeting toy. Seriously! Kids will listen to ANY story if it’s told with puppets.

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