thank you walker texas ranger.

one of my favorite segments on conan o’brien is the walker texas ranger lever. conan pulls it and the most random clips from the show play. it’s amazing. they make you die laughing every time. wikipedia describes the show as an “american television western/police dramatic.” what does that even mean?! and is that a real genre of television shows? i don’t think i’ve ever heard of that category at the emmys. the chuck norris i grew up on was actually the strictly martial arts one… not the crazy, cowboy hat, texan one.

back to walker… did you realize it ran for 8 years!? that means it was on air starting my freshman year of high school and ran all the way through my last year of college! who knew! luckily the hallmark channel plays hours and hours of walker.

the other day we chanced to pause on the classic show and were shocked to find out chuck (aka walker aka hayes cooper?!) plays a pretty big role in our heritage (other than the current roll he is playing in our family.) thanks to walker, an entire wagon train of mormons is saved from bandits! apparently walker travels in time to accomplish that.

the episode featured lots of bonnets, a dance hall girl turned good mormon teacher, a dramatic shoot out, several country singers (john anderson, lee roy parnell, mark collie) playing the mormon hatin’ bandits and many a round house kick by chuck norris.

if that isn’t amusing enough, the wagon “train” consisted of only one wagon and the pioneers kept singing several lines from the battle hymn of the republic as if it were a strictly mormon hymn. but best of all, the show ends with triumphant cooper/walker riding off into the sunset while the bandit country singers sing this little ditty, “the mormons headed west to paradise beyond the trail. hayes cooper went to texas and the charges went to hell. you better ride, hayes cooper, ride. the lord is on your side. you better ride, hayes cooper, ride.”

i am just glad the lord is on chuck norris’ side!

Season 7

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
39 November 21, 1998 Paradise Trail In another Hayes Cooper adventure, Mormons and their wagon train must be defended from outlaws.

8 thoughts on “thank you walker texas ranger.

  1. >I used to watch Walker, Texas Ranger faithfully. It came on Saturday night. Then, the next day I would discuss it with a boy in primary. (The boy was realy mean to me and I hated him, but we had Walker in common!)

  2. >robin, i just about died reading this. my mom was in love with walker, and i’m sure still holds a fond place for him in her heart (or a spot on her bookshelf for his dvds).just in case you haven’t seen them, you may want to check out the chuck norris facts posted on the internet. the website may have been shut down (NOOOOOOOO!!), but if you google chuck norris facts, the first result is it and you can see the cached page if the real one is’ll love them. i promise.

  3. >So Walker and I are good friends. He was always on in our house, much to the chagrin of myself, my three other sisters, and my mother. Hey, my dad needed some manliness, and let’s face it – Chuch Norris is a man’s man.Love your blog!Krista

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