stress much?

a few weeks ago while watching “the office” i was so stressed out for how awkward michael scott inherently is. the episode featured a production crew dunder mifflin corporate sent down to scranton, pa to do a local commercial. i cringed at all the things michael scott was doing wrong and genuinely felt badly for him. repeatedly christian reminded me they aren’t real people–they are just characters on television. unfortunately i tend to internalize much more than humanly possible at times. i cried at the end of the ugly betty season opener and almost every scrubs episode evokes tears.

last week i finished watching an amazing documentary. i had been so drawn in to it that when i learned in the last 15 minutes that the protaganist had been brutally gunned down back in 2000 christian found me crying. all i could say was, “he died! he’s dead!” i was heart broken. i loved this haitian hero. christian inquired why i watch these movies if they make me sad…

two nights before i’d watched “the devil came on horseback.” i was understandably disturbed.

after watching “the war within” i was consumed by the misfortune of the good family in that film. the family who reached out to help a friend and in the end was considered suspect. albeit fiction, it pierced me.

around that time i was listening to “a thousand splendid suns” by khaled hosseini. one of the main characters was a young girl born the same year as myself. i mourned throughout that book as i heard the fictionalized experiences she encountered the exact same time i was graduating from 8th grade, running for student government, taking the SATs, going to college and growing up with hope and an assurance that i was safe. that book was difficult for me to get through. i am not going to take on the more popular “kite runner.”

why do i watch these movies? judging by my netflix queue i’m not stopping anytime soon… independent, foreign or documentary style films serve a more realistic purpose. you are made to feel, to think and to realize the bad, and good that happens while we are living ordinary lives.

some favorites: hop, blame it on fidel, the devil came on horseback, the agronomist, smoke signals, amelie , amandla! a revolution in four part harmony, buena vista social club, capturing the friedmans, in america, pulse: stomp odyssey, bus 174, central station, city of god, control room, kikujiro, spellbound, mad hot ballroom, sophie scholl: the final days, everything is illuminated, the sea inside, rize


4 thoughts on “stress much?

  1. >Robin,I cried all through A Thousand Splendid Suns and kept thinking about it they way you did: where was I and what was I doing when this was happening to her? I just seems unreal that things like that could happen today. You should read or watch The Kite Runner, though. It is very different but also really good.

  2. >I’m the same way. Sometimes we try and watch “happier” movies and I end up hating them 😉 We just watched Frida and it was great. It did have a lot of sex, though.

  3. >Tony and I always watch the intense documentaries! I know exactly how you feel. And I was torn up over A Thousand Splendid Suns, too. Just finished reading it… I miss you and our overnight book/movie talks!!!

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