because we really care about the earth…

actually i just have a hard time narrowing down all the people i know — and when you get married that list multiplies! seriously! not to mention the price of gas, ur, i mean stamps now days. what better way to spread the cheer than with a “’tis the season” blog post. and let’s face it, as much as we love getting letters & announcements & pictures in the mail, they don’t get placed in a sacred vault of cherished keepsakes. more often than not they find their way into a garbage can (or a recycling bin if you live in seattle). unless you live in peru, then PLEASE! by all means continue the grand tradition of letter-writing… maybe i’ll have this whole thing figured out by christmas 2008. besides, last christmas i sent out more than my share of christmas news:


love, us




**christian requested i make a disclaimer. when i say we “drank in” the biggest bookstore i am not implying we drink any form of alcohol in said bookstore… i am only inferring that we literally “drank-in” the grandeur & enormity of powell’s books in portland.

7 thoughts on “because we really care about the earth…

  1. >Loved the blog, contemplated it myself. I am actually visiting your blog to get ideas of a tactful way to go about it.We did photobooth shots this year for our card too. You two are a darling pair. I am so glad you found each other. Best wishes to you for 2008. Love ya.

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