want a plane that loops the loop!

when we were little we had this little tape we’d play over and over and over at christmas. all of the songs were performed by alvin & the chipmunks. i’ve been singing the “the chipmunk song” all week now. christian had no idea what i was squeaking about. (this time my squeaky singing skills were actually imitating the performance of alvin, simon & theodore). to my shock one of my co-workers started singing that exact song unsolicited this week. i’m glad i’m not alone in my chipmunk love!

another coworker helped spread the holiday cheer. about a month ago she inquired if we were getting a tree. we decided we wouldn’t since we wouldn’t be here the week of christmas and it seemed more work than it was worth. the next day, sitting on my desk was a box with a note saying, “enjoy this little tree” i took home the box, and carefully extracted the bubble-wrapped ceramic tree. it was perfect! we set it on our little table and have been enjoying her thoughtfulness.all this week packages have continued to appear beneath the tree. since we fly out very early christmas eve morning we decided to celebrate christmas eve eve eve eve. you probably haven’t heard of that holiday. it’s a new one celebrated in our tiny household. present wrapping was greedily ripped open as we discovered our treasures which had laid camouflage beneath our borrowed tree.

to my surprise, one of the best presents was a tiny box. inside were two furry critters. i instantly knew them as “squirrely” & “chipster.” you see, i have this habit of getting undressed and putting my clothes from that day in a pile in the corner. christian on the other hand is maticulous in how he puts each item away as it is taken off. i disrobe in a hurry and come back the next day (or the next) to clean up the mess. christian decided that we must have a pet squirrel and chipmunk that leave their nests (of clothes) behind when we aren’t looking. we started to fondly refer to them as “chipster” & “squirrely.” some weeks they are messier than others. and then there will be those freak weeks where they disappear altogether.

well thanks to santa, squirrely and chipster are here to stay! although i didn’t know chipmunks had stripes! i don’t remember that from my alivn & the chipmunk days (maybe someone who has seen the movie can confirm this fact since christian has taken the stance that, “i’m from virginia! of course chipmunks have stripes!!)regardless, i prefer to cuddle with squirrely. but both are staying home while we attend the nutcracker this afternoon.

one more treat making our christmas even better while so far away from everyone was the perfectly timed package that arrived from mom mom (christian’s grandma). a handmade advent calendar! three days and counting!


7 thoughts on “want a plane that loops the loop!

  1. >the Alvin and the Chipmunks tape was one that we used to listen to all the time also. Unfortunately it has been so long since I heard it, I don’t remember any of the songs, but I would love to hear it again.

  2. >as one who has seen the movie, yes, alvin and the chipmunks have stripes. you just can’t see them most of the time because they’re wearing shirts. however, at the beginning of the movie, you do see them au naturel, as it were, in the wild. and they have stripes.merry christmas robin!

  3. >Interestingly enough, I have heard of the Christmas eve-eve. However, we refer to it as Christmas Adam, since Adam came before Eve. All of my high school friends would gather at the hometown playhouse and play games all night on Chistmas Adam. It was a great tradition.And, yes, Alvin & the Chipmunk Christmas is awesome (I still want a hula-hoop. . . ).

  4. >tony and i also celebrated on christmas eve eve eve (since we flew to his parents on christmas eve).. and we celebrated with my parents christmas eve eve!!and i see someone beat me to it, but being from md, tell your smart husband he’s right – chipmunks have stripes!

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