loving cake.

the countdown is on. 30 days until i turn 30. the idea is a little overwhelming. when i was little i loved the green hulk (and apparently i loved cowboy hats and cowboy shirts!)

now, for people who didn’t know better, they’d assume i love cake. as in birthday cake, carrot cake, german chocolate cake, strawberry shortcake, cupcakes. while cake is delicious, cake as a dessert is not my blog’s namesake. and seeing as my blog turned two years old this month i thought i should address the origin of loving cake.

first and foremost i love cake, the band. one of the last things i did before i left on my mission was go to a cake concert with my brothers. this was the same night as my dad was in charge of a church karaoke party. in our absence, my four year old sister did a rendition of “never there” complete with the “heys.” i’ve seen cake as much as possible since and my cake cds are still my favorite driving, dancing around the house alone, chilling and happy music. i definitely love cake.

but as for the true inspiration, it would have to be season two, episode 205 of “that 70s show” titled “i love cake.” the poor quality of the scene does not do it justice. for the record, this was probably the only full episode i had ever watched of the show. donna and eric are sitting in his car. she is upset about her fighting parents. eric makes her laugh. she gives him a kiss followed by an, “i love you.” eric looks shocked and can only say, “i love… cake.” in the moment it was hilarious. i laughed long and hard by myself on my couch. i called my 15 year old sister and told her how funny it was and it became our little code. she called me a few weeks later after watching the same episode. we just laughed like crazy. we swore we’d do that to a boy one day when we heard them say i love you for the first time.

luckily, i love christian more than cake.


7 thoughts on “loving cake.

  1. >Our family computer is in the kitchen, so everyone seemed to get in on each other’s MSN messenger conversations. One time this boy was telling my little sister how much he liked her (hooray for these high school declarations over MSN messenger!) She was a little stunned, so she was telling us about it. My dad responded, “So what? I like Myron (our really mangy, awful, ugly dog).” So that’s how my little sister responded to this poor boy. “And my dad likes Myron!”

  2. >I am embarrassed to say that I saw that episode as well. I have to say though, I don’t like either. The band or the dessert. But I am thirty so we will have that in common soon. Yeah!

  3. >i lost my head over cake a long time ago, my grandmother’s, three-layer yellow with chocolate icing, everything made from scratch. c-biscuit’s order may be a little optimistic. as for the rest of the rabble, let them eat cake, which i understand is usually said before people lose their heads…

  4. >Nice blog on cake! When I was in Utah though they cussed and walked off the stage…the band. How are you feeling about the big 3-0? If you need any tips I’ve almost got a year under my belt in the 30’s…it ain’t so bad!

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