taco tuesday!

i would guess the majority of people don’t work at their dream job.

the greeter at wal-mart, the apartment manager, the delivery driver and many others didn’t choose to aspire to that profession when they were young. and yet, here we are, plugging away at often monotonous positions– titles that belittle our true abilities, descriptions that leave much to be desired and tasks that definitely do not stretch us.

the past few months i’ve been asking myself what the whole point of life is… and not in a new era-esque* “who am i? where am i going?” kind of way as i gaze into the sunset… but more in a, “okay, what now?” sort of way. most of us grow up, go to school, pick majors, graduate, explore new cities, make new friends, move from job to job, eventually marry, have children and grow old.

i went into college knowing exactly what i was going to study and what i was going to be. freshman year my comms 101 professor jarred us the very first day, “this business is all about who you know and how you look. if you can’t handle that, change majors.” we pressed on. after all, broadcast journalism brings with it a certain form of confidence. a handful of us worked in tv, very few remain… and now we are scattered.

after years of fast paced constant deadlines, i find myself unsure how to handle the leisure of an office job. bottom line, it pays the bills. and when asked what will make me happy, i’m not really sure. there is a part of me that mourns the job i left, despite all of its negative traits**. in the meantime, i’ve adopted a habit to get me through this very much office sitcom life.

i invented taco tuesday! or taco friday, or wednesday… pretty much any day that i crave tacos, it is indeed that day. my co-workers hear me shout out “taco tuesday!” some understand. others inquire as to the whereabouts of the tacos. taco consumption makes me very happy, and so, if in my little office world i can convince someone to share in the taco bliss/grease, then i am even happier.

this week when i exclaimed “taco tuesday!” my coworker asked if i’d be offended if she declared it rather to be “cold beer tuesday!” i told her to declare away. my taco is her cold beer.

*the new era is a magazine published by the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints directed towards 12-18 year old kids.
**horrible middle of the night hours, no holidays, full-time freelance status, breaking all day news, vulgar language, yelling, swearing, reporting on barn fires and buggy (as in mennonite) accidents, news that isn’t news, if it bleeds it leads, prince george’s county, no back up if you called in sick, instant and raw footage of terrible things, no social life, no sleep, etc etc etc.


7 thoughts on “taco tuesday!

  1. >As I’m rounding out my second week at a new job I’ve been looking at co-workers and wondering, “How did they end up here? Is that a let down to them?” So, appropriate thoughts.And I ate a taco today. And it made my day. (But not as much as the cookies my husband tossed into my lunch bag, sans baggie or container. Those really made my day!)

  2. >man, i so need a taco tuesday, and i actually enjoy my job.on a totally unrelated note: you’re the only blog of all that i’ve read tonight before going to bed that didn’t actually mention something about lost.i don’t know exactly how i feel about this, but it borders on disappointment. 😉 i think i need a taco.

  3. >The Fed Ex guy who delivers to our office refers to it as “Thirsty Thursday” instead of “Cold Beer Tuesday” but I assume they are the same thing. Also, tacos sound delicious!

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