pie cake & cough kisses.

i figure if i haven’t celebrated then i have not in fact turned one year older. so yes, i am very much still 29.

the facts are these: christian left for a weekend rendezvous with his college buddies, conveniently scheduled over the super bowl weekend. this is an annual gathering. they partied hard while christian’s voice got continually scratchier in his phone calls. i attributed that to the “slumber party factor.” you know the one, where you stay up all night talking and watching movies and giggling (well maybe they weren’t giggling) and eating junk food until you wake up the next morning with the slumber party scratchy throat and headache? well this is what i thought he had… until that scratchiness turned to sore the day of his return. along with that malfunctioning throat came a whole slew of other ailments, not to mention that if you went anywhere near him it felt like you were in arizona.

so my birthday came and went with a bedtime of about 7:30pm. despite that, it was fun to have all four of my siblings remember to call–although 3 of them took the liberty of telling me how very weird it was that i was now 30. and the majority of my coworkers marveled at how they could be my mother… the rest marveled that i was so excited to share a birthday with president regan.

in christian’s weakened state he did manage to make me a pie cake. i came home from work to find him already in bed and my pie cake was waiting on the table with a few tea lights burning… i had never seen a pie cake. when i asked him how he thought to bake a cake in a pie dish he said, “i wanted to make you a round cake!” (sidenote – we have round cake pans… they are just in a cupboard he is not quite familiar with!)

so i opened his presents and a few packages had arrived from the east (yes i LOVE utz honey bbq chips, thank you aunt donna!). The next few days packages and cards from amazing friends and family continued to trickle in at work making me feel like a million bucks (or 30 years old, you decide!) some of the gifts made me laugh out loud or cry from nostalgia and others made me just marvel at how generous and thoughtful people can be (a similar gratitude occurred as we opened our wedding gifts.)

my bff from high school asked if i had had an amazing bash since i was turning 30 of course. sadly i confessed we had to forgo any birthday celebrations. she likened a 30th birthday to a wedding in importance. so i’m thinking i’m going to take a very large rain check on that one… maybe we can just celebrate my 30th on my half birthday and i can remain 29 for 6 more months – that way christian only has one month to gloat over being my younger!

pie cake + some of the loot


9 thoughts on “pie cake & cough kisses.

  1. >Happy Birthday! Sometimes mellow birthdays are cool too. And the pie cake with tea candles sounds sweet. However, we’ll have to cash in that rain check for the hoopla birthday soon. 30 is a pretty big deal. from what I hear from peeps who have turned 30, they all say it was a rad year. Happy b-day!

  2. >A PIE CAKE!!!! I can just imagine the thought process there…Christian: wandering around the kitchen, looking in every other cupboard for some kind of round pan that he KNOWS exists and yet has never actually seen before. “Ah, here it is!” he yells triumphantly, pulling out a pie plate. “Looks a little different than what mom used to make, but this is it, I’m sure of it!” So sweet, though.

  3. >Here I was, marveling how I could be your mother, when the lights on the table went out and I couldn’t find my tea and I tried to put the proverbial square cake in a round pan and it rained on my check… well, for such a hard day I am very GLAD that you can stay 29 for a while longer… XXOO

  4. >In defense of Christian’s round cake – my grandmother NEVER made a square cake (or cupcake for that matter). Certain pans, however, are for certain things…

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