apparently, not in the loop.

this is my sister rachel.
she is a successful, up and coming tween.
she was born in the month of june.
i thought she looked like a bug, and shortly after her birth,
her nickname was also born.
lately, junebug goes by ray.
for the past month (at least) her little google talk message
has said something like,
“february is gonna be the best month ever!!!!!!!!” when i asked why, this was her response:
last week she called me on my birthday.
during the conversation she asked me where i work.
i told her. there was a long pause…
then she said, “i thought you worked at a tv station!?”
a little forlornly i said,
“no rachel, i haven’t worked at a tv station in over a year.”
another pause.
“what?! man, nobody tells me anything!!!”

looking back through history… she wasn’t the only one left out of the loop. i mean, after all i was to blame for her lovely hair cuts… no one ever told me how wacky i was making my sister look!!

5 thoughts on “apparently, not in the loop.

  1. >ok, just to verify, i loved those haircuts.kudos to bi! :)and yes, the oldest and the youngest in the family are the ones who are ALWAYS out of the loop.i miss you!P.S. (i look wayyy different) haha

  2. >Sisters are the best. I’m working on trying to get my 20 year-old sis to come out to Seattle for a visit too. I remember many a boring class in college where our text messaging was the only thing keeping me awake. Good times.

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