baila mi hermana.

it all started with dance with me (which i saw opening weekend in puerto vallarta) and save the last dance. i so badly wanted to be the white girl who got to dance in the non-white clubs. (although i would have made sure julia stiles knew how to really dance from the very beginning).

the movie closes out to the best dance track ever. (thank you montell jordan!) i think the song was even featured on NOW 4 chart hits, and yes, i may have this cd in my possession.

“girl if it’s alright, let’s go somewhere and get it on (dancing of course) tonight. i got a girl but you look good tonight. it’s one on one tonight, tonight.” i love that he lets her know that he’s already got a girl, ‘but dang, you look so good i’ll just go ahead and get it on (dance) with you.’ at least he’s honest, right? that kind of reminds me of usher’s love/dance ballad “yeah.” pretty much the same theme. a club. a girl lookin’ good. a guy who’s already got a girl, wanting to get it on/dance with a new girl. but in usher’s he claims he forgot that new girl told him that she was “best of homies” with his current girlfriend.

all of this crazy dance talk reminds me of winston, my one time work crush. he had the most amazing dreads. i would get all flustered whenever he acknowledged me. and it’s not like i was discreet — i turned about the brightest shade of red possible. i didn’t know much about winston, except that he went to norfolk state university, was an editor/photog at channel 7 and most notably, was on a kick a step team with his fraternity. i let him know i’d be interested in seeing a show… he gave me the tickets and details. myself and two friends (all very white) made the trek to college park, md on an icy winter night. we avoided a near death experience on the beltway and in pg county. as we entered the arena we quickly realized we were quite possibly the only white people there. i didn’t notice just how many people were staring until we walked straight up to the stage to say hi to winston as he was setting up. every eye in the room felt like it was focused on our three blonde heads.

the show was great. we cheered loudly for winston. our drive home was much safer. i definitely can’t step like winston, but i wish i could. so for now… i’ll just keep watching all these crazy dance movies as they come out. (don’t worry, i haven’t seen all of these in the theater, just five).

pulse, a stomp odyssey
step up 1 & 2
take the lead
stomp the yard
how she move 

this link has winston in it, look for the dreads on the right.


7 thoughts on “baila mi hermana.

  1. >Oh, that Winston!! He sits across from me now at work. Always good for the concentration…And I love dance movies, too! Though I think I’ll skip Step Up 2… until it’s on cable. Shhh, I was watching part 1 today when I came home from work!

  2. >shauna – it was take the lead (w/ antonio banderas) and yes i saw that in the theater too! i just added it to my list… nice catch!dad – how can i forget the latin palace! that is where i learned how to say no with latina attitude to any sketchy guys asking you to dance! but the owner always had my back!

  3. >I’m so happy to know that I am not the only one who has the “dance movie disease”. I do believe that is the technical name for it. I am so far removed from any dance skill but I would LOVE to have even just a little.

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