in the year 2000…

dear suzanne,
even though you tagged christian and i to do this, i’m informing you that christian most likely will not post a serious response. therefore, i am stepping up as a friend to follow through with your request.
love, robin
p.s. are we still running tomorrow?

10 years ago:

  • sporting this amazing student i.d. picture (can you say soccer mom!?) as i finished up my sophomore year at byu. i lived in the stylish university villa (just across the street from provo high so all of the delinquent children could smoke in our front yard)
  • taking the only math class of my college career (curse you intro to stat 105!!!!)
  • gearing up for my 7th spanish class (span 321). the class in which i would be the only non-native speaker and non-return missionary
  • noticing a green flyer in the jkhb and interviewing for the mexico literacy program and finding out i’d soon be living by a volcano
  • working at the jkhb copy center and that summer i’d be everything but the cook at a small mexican restaurant cafe del sol (which was shut down 5/99 for health code violations, but boy was that horchata delicious!)

5 years ago:

  • just moved from my amazing apartment in nw washington dc to a high rise apartment building in crystal city (arlington, va) where i would meet one of my top 5 roommates miss ashlee harrison (this is much more impressive when you understand that i have had nearly 50 roommates)
  • working at wjla in the middle of the night… i didn’t have a car and became friends with many a red top taxi driver
  • was lucky enough to be working out in our building’s 12th floor workout room during an o.c. marathon on fx–i was addicted
  • one night my roommates convinced me to go to a house party at the infamous “tramp house” – known for having high ceilings and a trampoline inside, not for having trampy girls. upon attending said party i would be smitten with a blue soccer jersey wearing boy… unfortunately we wouldn’t get engaged for three years

snacks for me to eat:

  • edamame
  • sherbet
  • hummus
  • mexiCAN anything
  • sushi

if i had a billion dollars:

  • pay off all of christian’s loans of course
  • say adios to my car paco, and buy a better car. and a fun car
  • find a real house (i.e. my requirements are simple: a washer and dryer, a dish washer, a garbage disposal, COUNTERS!, 2 bathrooms, BIG closets and storage space)
  • nicely frame all of our art that is shoved under the bed or jammed in closets
  • quit my job and make cupcakes happily ever after

3 bad habits:

  • i have been good and not bitten my nails for a while now… but since i currently have nails, i attack my lip (it helps to have a husband who will grab your offending hand)
  • worrying before during and after anything
  • in the kitchen i turn into kitch (kitchen + witch = kitch). ashlee gave me that nickname five years ago. her claims to back up my nickname: i put her too work in my a) apple pie sweat shop b) enchilada sweat shop and c) a sugar cookie frosting sweatshop at two in the morning.

places i’ve lived:

  • phoenix, tempe & scottsdale arizona
  • yucca valley, california
  • provo, utah
  • nealtican, puebla (mexico)
  • mogi mirim, valinhos, boa vista & mogi guacu (brazil)
  • washington dc
  • arlington, virginia
  • beira, mozambique
  • harrisonburg, virginia
  • seattle, washington

something you may not know about me:
let’s see, i think oprah is a modern day anti-christ (how’s that for being un-american!). i have a love for vinyl (this kind, not that kind). i eat my sandwiches and hamburgers dry (no mayo, ketchup or mustard). i love fountain pops. i am a little hard of hearing or i’m just super good at tuning people out. i had a successful student council/government career dating back to 1985. even though i will talk in front of large groups and on camera, i am a very big pansy chicken where everything else is concerned. oh, and in heaven when god was handing out depth perception, i must have been in the taco line.


9 thoughts on “in the year 2000…

  1. >I have no idea what any of that meant… don’t know what horchata is but it apparently shuts down restaurants… and I think I like THAT kind…

  2. >You are a true friend for doing this. By the way you have to now tag someone else. Also the depth perception comment. I am right there with you. I love that picture of you. You look so little.

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