a leap of faith. some people call that marriage. for me the decision was simple, easy and peaceful. much like going on a mission or moving to a new city. answers just seemed to fall into place. i don’t feel like i’ve ever moved mountains or even climbed them with my faith. most times the mountains of worry or despair are moved for me. other times i don’t let them be moved.

in many ways the past few months has been one leap after another. literally. i leaped my way from a very opposite part of the country to here. i leaped out of my job i thought i had been working towards. i still feel like a visitor in this city, in this pacific northwest. i am displaced.

constantly we are asked questions regarding our immediate and indefinite future. questions which we, for whatever reason, are ill-equipped to answer. the other night, very late, in the darkness, christian reminded me what i already knew. god will take care of us. with faith. we leap. into the light.


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