love is…

a box of cookies. a box with 56 dozen cookies.

last fall i asked my coworker how my church could do service for her ministry. i was familiar with her work serving an audience that most would consider not worth their time. a group that is reaping what they have sown. but her organization takes the most sincerely christlike approach i can imagine. they work to bring christ’s love inside the prison, directly to the inmates.

several of the events involve more than 300 dozen cookies that are packed into decorated lunch bags. the prisoners are grateful recipients of these fresh baked goodies. several testimonials note how they have not had home baked anything for years. or how they cannot believe someone would bake those cookies for them. hardened, beaten and lonely hearts open ever so slightly allowing transformations on many levels.

i said i knew so many women who could bake dozens of cookies without a second thought. i volunteered my group months in advance… but as the deadline approached i doubted. i wasn’t quite sure how this project would be received. still, i trusted that we too could magnify that same christlike sincerity.

up until 9:30 the night of the deadline warm cookies were arriving at my door. i proudly delivered them to my coworker… in a way, passing the torch from my group of faithful christians to hers.

i pray that she has success this weekend — and i believe that a simple cookie, baked with righteous intent can transcend despair, fear and hopelessness… filling the eater with love.

“as we focus our energies on lifting the burdens of others, something miraculous happens. our own burdens diminish. we become happier. there is more substance to our lives.”
–elder david s. baxter, “faith, service, constancy


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