officially in the next bracket…

last week the women at my office were invited to a financial luncheon focusing on helping women be more financially secure… at the end of the presentation as we filled out our surveys, my pen came to a screeching halt. no longer could i fill in that lovely, younger, slimmer bubble along side 24-29. i was bumped up. officially. 30-39. really!? no easing in. you are just thrown to the 30somethings without another thought. it didn’t matter that i was a mere 30 and 1 month. well that little event was just a foreshadowing of things to come.

ever since christian almost died of the flu during my birthday last month i declared i was not truly 30 until my birthday party (the one his flu canceled) could be rescheduled. and so we did… but there is something strange in having a celebration 6 weeks after your actual day. i mean, it just seemed kind of silly… so we decided to share the wealth of celebration since almost everyone in attendance had something to be happy about. before you think we are oh so clever to design these customized cupcakes, let me just say my friend rik did it first and my friend jihan made the chocolate cupcakes. so 16 people crammed into our living room and we underwent a different kind of march madness… christian even worked out an entire wii tennis tournament bracket. some of the athletes complained the champion enjoyed a home court advantage… let’s just say that a lot of preparation went in to the tournament.


7 thoughts on “officially in the next bracket…

  1. >Wow!!! What a shindig! I do think once you turn 30 the bubbles should represent smaller increments: 30-31 (Or, in your case 30 and 1 month-30 and 2 months); 31-32; and so on. XOXO.

  2. >When I turned 50, my cake had a big picture of me on the icing. I think it was the picture you see here. The piece I was given to eat had my face on it… there has to be something Freudian in eating a piece with one’s image on it. No? Yes? Enjoy your cupcake? See what I mean?

  3. >aw, robin, the cupcakes rock! happy official promotion into the next bracket! it’s a bittersweet moment we all face, although, for some reason, most of the brackets i encounter are parsed differently: i’ve been in the 25-34 bracket for a while now, still waiting to get out. =]

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