funny girls.

rachel, skye & adrie


you may have figured out by now that my cousin becky and i are kind of close. a dashing-husband-to-be-named-paul kind of put an end to any plans becky and i had of being college roommates… but we still saw quite a bit of each other. one thing i always wanted was for us to have kids at the same time so that our kids could be little best cousins like we were. when she had 4 kids before i even had a steady boyfriend — reality hit. fortunately, i’ve been able to see becky’s family at least once a year and miraculously the kids all know who i am and i love seeing them whenever i can. they also really love christian so that’s a plus!! we may not be having kids at the same time but at least her kids could babysit mine (one day).

becky sent this little scenario to me this week and it made my day. i just have to say, this changes everything. all this time i honestly thought i was the fun one:

Skye: “Adrie likes to dress up pretty like Robin.”
Becky: “What does Robin wear?”
Skye: “She wears pretty shoes and pretty clothes and looks so pretty!”
(Adrie jumping up and down during this whole conversation saying “Like Robin! Like Robin!!”)

who knew!


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