open the gates and seize the day!

as the blossoms seem to be thwarted by seattle’s bizarre spring i miss my cherry blossoms at the tidal basin. i also miss last minute weekend trips anywhere. boston, north carolina, philadelphia… but especially new york city. february 2005 we headed to nyc for one of the last chances to see the gates. (and yes, i unfortunately chopped all of my hair off the week before much to the repeated dismay of certain family members… my hair has been slowly but surely growing out ever since.) i expected pretty much what i got.




while it was overwhelming, fascinating and bizarre even, it was not, for me at least, breathtaking. last night i viewed very different gates than those of christo and jeanne claude.lorenzo ghiberti’s gates are traveling around the united states for the first time since they were created 550 years ago. 3 of the 10 bronze panels are on display at the SAM. like 3 years ago, i was visiting this work of art on what would be really my last weekend to witness it. we entered that exhibit after viewing statuesque roman soldiers and gods… the bronze panels were immersed in protective glass, in a darkened and crowded room. despite eager art viewers brushing, bumping and pushing passed us on all sides– we were able to stand so close to what michelangelo called paradise.

it was a surreal experience seeing something so beautifully crafted from so long ago.

“i saw the angel in the marble and carved until i set him free.” –michelangelo


6 thoughts on “open the gates and seize the day!

  1. >Amen! I miss the cherry blossoms, too! And, I took a little trip from DC to NYC in 2/05, and got to see the gates. I was somewhat impressed, just because they looked so cool against the white background of fresh snow.

  2. >Wow, this post is above me. That couple likely couldn’t do anything similar in Seattle as it is already benefiting from enough Gates… Although the esoteric gates thing is above me, I did work on my backyard gate to get it to latch. Now it’s quite an exhibit in and of itself! Living in DC all my life, the cherry blossoms are kind of an old hat experience. But, in their honor, I planted two cherry blossoms in my side yard, just outside my gate exhibit.

  3. >I loved the way your hair curled with that cut. It was real cute on you. I have to take better advantage of all the close together cities here on the east side. Lately I’ve actually been dreaming of Arizona! Warm weather and real mexican food sounds so nice.

  4. >You can’t beat the Italian Renaissance in my opinion. Though if you’re going to go modern Christo and Jeanne-Claude aren’t too shabby. My personal favorite was the surrounding of 11 islands off of Florida with none other than pink plastic.

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