missing a moment.


missing a moment

If I blink,

I miss a special moment

That I can’t rewind

Or look back at.

When I blink

I miss my sister at her

Choir concert.

I miss everything for that

One little blink.

When I blink

It’s like being stuck in a box

And I can’t get out.

When I blink

I miss that simple moment in

Time where my eyes close

For just one second and in that

One second I miss my dog

Sleeping in the yard.

Fun moments.

The whole world.

In that one little moment

I blink.

**author’s note: I Wrote Missing a Moment because I felt like every time I blinked I missed almost everything. If you think about it people practically blink every two seconds. Everywhere I went I was missing seconds and seconds of movies, people’s faces, my family, etc. Blinking now is like missing the whole world.





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