poetry slam.

turkey, panera, patty melts, havarti, rye, avocado, paninis, potbelly, cucumbers, sprouts, grilled cheese… i think just about any sandwich or sandwich/salad spot is a treat. what can i say, i’m easily pleased! so you’d think i’d love peanut butter and jelly, easily pleased = pbj. but it just doesn’t do it for me… i may have to think otherwise after being welcomed home last night with a poetry slam. here are a few installments:



Afternoon DElight

I opened you up for the third time today
Twisting your top the aroma escapes into the air
Revealed now stands your smooth, creamy nature
I untie the twisty tie of my Iron Kid’s bread
Slices of loveliness dance on the counter
But yet one is missing from this three man play
So I open the fridge
My eyes desperately scanning
The butter knife felt heavy on my fingertips
I can see myself in its reflection
My lower lip begins to quiver
Dang, I’m out of grape preservatives
–a tri-collaboration of a photographer, a rapper and a teeny-bopper


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