four cups of wine.

he asked if i would drink the wine. four cups, for tradition of course. he explained it was terrible wine. watered down wine. but it was tradition. smiling, i said we’d be happy to drink grape juice or sparkling cider… and we did.

since my first exposure to a jewish friend, i wished to participate in a seder. i’ve been to mass (in english and spanish), i partook in ramadan, i’ve attended all things relating to the passion. but i had not yet experienced a seder. thankfully bossman obliged my wish. although he first looked puzzled and just said, “why?!” because, it’s tradition, i guess.

we arrived sunday evening and made introductions with a dozen other people and together we recounted the plagues and journeyed out of egyptian bondage into freedom. hands were washed. bitter herbs eaten. matzah broken. the youngest sang out in beautiful hebrew. wine glasses were raised and the door, symbolically, opened for elijah– i was drawn in to the service and surprisingly longed for him to enter.

i felt a kinship, knowing their history, as, essentially it is mine. we approached that evening from different faiths and different perspectives but drawing from the same book of scripture. the same traditions and the same god.


4 thoughts on “four cups of wine.

  1. >I did a seder with my seminary class when we did Old Testament five years ago. It was very memorable. They all ate something of everything. I got some terrific, very interesting recipes from a realtor friend and prepared the whole thing myself, right down to the charred lamb bone.The house smelled like burned bone for two days…

  2. >I did a seder once. It was a very spiritual experience, but made me a little sad in terms of thinking about the next phase of enlightenment and how it had not been embraced. I think it is very important to de-mystify religion by participating to the extent possible in services of other faiths. Having said that, I’m not heading to the Church of Scientology any time soon – they scare me.

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