dashed hopes.

it is interesting how a single characteristic can shape someone… specifically, you are either single or you are not. that singleness is the start, middle and end of any catch up conversation. the most removed acquaintances dive right in, sometimes relentless. they aren’t afraid to bury the lead:

“hi! how are you doing? so are you dating anyone?”

just like that. no disregard for being too invasive. no thought for you as an individual. there is some odd feeling that single equals the depths of despair. and the truth is, sometimes it does. but no need to highlight this! then there are the people who check up on you by talking to your parents:

“so how is her love life?!”

not how is she doing, or what is she doing but with whom is she doing things. you get the idea.
being a nearly 29 year old single mormon (see reenactment below)

my parents had the responsibility of fielding these questions. my dad started giving people highly absurd answers. now that i am on the other side of what periodically feels like an overwhelmingly wide chasm… i find myself tip-toeing around questions of love with my friends. so much can change so rapidly where dating is concerned… so that is why i am very sorry for ruining laura’s chances for love. i really think this was her one shot and i dashed it.

let me set the stage: imagine the byu bookstore, now imagine us wandering through it and feels very, very old. while we’re near the little book of mormon action figures laura tells me she found a cute kid, tells me to follow her, points excitedly just before she turns a corner. i’m looking for an adorable baby boy, possibly in a stroller… instead i am surrounded by a year supply of byu sweatshirts.

“did i miss him?” i call out to her several steps ahead of me. she beelines away and is the shade of a lobster. puzzled, i scan the area one more time and see a “kid”– probably about 22, standing behind a counter. we make eye contact. i realize he is the cute kid. it is awkward. i turn red and scurry off behind laura.

sorry laura*, i just may have inadvertently thwarted your future happiness!

*come to think of it maybe her skin condition has something to do with why she is having a hard time in the love department!


4 thoughts on “dashed hopes.

  1. >At my age questions are more typically regarding others’ body functions, eye sight, joint stiffness, energy levels, hemor… well, you get it. Although, after reading the entry I am feeling kind of psycho, I don’t know why… I did just add Abinadi to my action figure collection though. Is that worth a sincere, eye-contact question at the book store?

  2. >Thanks R! You are going to get me in trouble for checking out a minor!(At least my younger brother wasn’t with us–while visiting home, I walked into the kitchen to hear my sophomore-in-college brother telling his buddy to “check out my sister…she can pay for your college.”)

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