thank you, wal-mart.

i couldn’t believe my eyes. it was as if we’d pulled up to disneyland and i was eight. christian should have deciphered my bug eyes but he was too busy trying to maneuver down an unfamiliar street. after all, we were in the hood*. well not the hood, but we were quite a ways from home. you see seattle, doesn’t have wal-marts. to find one you have to venture out into suburbia. and not all suburbia is like wysteria lane. for our wedding we got a wal-mart gift card and we spent all of it in phoenix since we couldn’t think where one was in seattle. but last night we had no choice, we needed to return something and it had to be returned to the wal-mart.

here’s where i must interject my fond wal-mart memories. for most people, wal-mart elicits a kind of strong sensation… probably what k-mart brings out in me (although k-mart is a great place to hit up if your friend needs a $10 skirt in like 3 minutes). i think wal-marts in small towns must be different. mine was clean. it was super. it was open all night long which worked nicely with my overnight shift. they had great chicken strips at the deli and i could get everything in just one stop. everyone was friendly and would smile at me, oh and they had accents, southern ones. i would go so far to say i hearted my super wal-mart.

sadly, i anything but hearted the wal-mart last night. this one gave me the willies and the creepy crawlies. knowing we wouldn’t be back any time soon we quickly snatched up items with our $27 of store credit. but in a way i had wal-mart to thank.

the only thing redeeming about the evening was a fast food joint that shares the block. popeye’s was to blame for my bug eyes. “when was the last time you ate there?” christian asked. “sometime in the fall of 2006 with jenny, after i drove you to the airport.” he was impressed with my devotion. i was impressed with my cajun mashed potatoes and popcorn shrimp.

*i mean “hood” with all the kindness of my heart. honestly. i have friends that live in the hood, i mean renton.


5 thoughts on “thank you, wal-mart.

  1. >Haha! I totally know what walmart you’re speaking of. Is it in the Rainier Valley, on or near MLK way? Once when we lived in W. Seattle, Brannon took this new couple in our ward (who we were trying to make friends with) on a tour of all the Seattle ghettos (White center, High Point, Rainier Valley), they were from Utah. I think he was actually proud.

  2. >I promise I’ll never bring you to that Walmart again. It was so dirty let’s just say I made sure to wash my hands after using the keypad at the checkout. And I held my breath the whole time so I wouldn’t have to breathe the air inside.

  3. >HOLY COW, I’ve been there, and HOLY COW, I agree. I don’t think I’ve ever gripped my children’s hands so tightly as when I was in that Wal-Mart.

  4. >I’m laughing because I totally understand! Avoid that Walmart at all costs. It can be frightening! I recommend the Walmart up in Snohomish, it’s much better!

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