¡sábado gigante!

as an arizonan, cinco de mayo is close to my heart–but it is even closer thanks to living in the historic mexican state where the holiday was born. last year i made pozole. this year, we kicked off the festivities with a sábado gigante — it happened to coincide with the opening day of boating season in seattle… so we got to watch the boat parade, wear our mexico shirts*, drink jarritos & sangria and eat chilaquiles. to top things off we found out a friend passed the bar, and another friend was getting baptized. it was definitely a ¡sábado gigante! to remember.

***we spend too much money here.

8 thoughts on “¡sábado gigante!

  1. >FELIZ CINCO DE MAYO!!! Looks like you and Christian are a perfect match for each other…cool shirts! I wish I had the time to comment more on your blog, you always make me crack up. I have to say though, that show “sabado gigante” is the worst show ever!

  2. >two of the absolutely, most definitely coolest shirts ever! i SO need that cinco de mayo shirt! where in the world did he get that one!?feliz cinco de mayo, you guys!

  3. >Even though that shirt I’m wearing is one of the greatest puns ever, I just want to set the record straight that I still hate mayonnaise with a passion. Even more than those V-Cast commercials where the reporter is interviewing someone who looked up sports scores on their phone during an important event like a bridal shower or wedding.

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