mexican heritage: a continuation.

the other day (april 23rd to be exact) my bossman and co-workers surprised me with treats and a card for administrative professionals day (the holiday formerly known as secretary’s day). while i appreciated their kind words and thoughtfulness, i never thought i would have been the center of that holiday. i didn’t even know it was a holiday for that matter. despite my grumblings i’ve come to realize that many people are very successful secretaries. there’s ugly betty for starters – who said you can’t be happy and ugly?! and i’m sure michael chertoff isn’t embarrassed to tell people he’s a secretary, and besides, he really works that salt & pepper facial hair. tony snow left his secretary job – but there are worse things than being a secretary.

the bottom line here is: my life isn’t bad. really. i just need to not feel bad about myself. i need to get over the fact that i didn’t dream of being a secretary my whole life and i definitely didn’t go to school for this (please overlook my brief stint as sophomore class secretary, it truly wasn’t a shadow of things to come). to truly not feel bad i probably would have to ignore certain triggers, specifically, all media outlets and all magazine covers – that’s probably not going to happen. so in the meantime, i am going to embrace my administrative professionalism and drown my sorrows in books! (thanks to the barnes & noble gift card perk the day brought me!) and yes, i did in fact buy two skippyjon jones books with said gift card. (p.s. here is where the post relates to mexican heritage… well kind of) if you don’t know skippyjon jones you really need to! while i realize he is a poser mexican, i still amo him mucho.

i also bought flipped, stargirl and a light in the attic.


4 thoughts on “mexican heritage: a continuation.

  1. >Secretary – from the Latin word “secretarius” – literally “a person entrusted with a secret.”The English word root: KREI – to sift or distinguish. Words with similar root origins include – concern, discern, decree, discreet and secret.So, you should be good at discerning secrets and being discreet with your many concerns as you discern various non-profit decrees and sift through the various distinguishing things you are entrusted with. What’s wrong with that!

  2. >OMG I’m so glad I just read this entry! I just got you a book off half com so i”m glad you are drowning your now non existent sorrows in books. Oh its so good Truth and Beauty, its a story about friendship and being a writer and friends with writers. I hope you love the story.

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