spreadin’ the good word.

sometimes when we are at the bookstore we end up in the “dummy” section. you can find a how-to manual for any topic, hobby or interest. i think i could write the “bible for dummies” edition, however it looks like it already exists.

periodically you hear those heart warming and inspiring stories of people standing up for what they believe in and setting tremendous christlike examples. well, today, i had a moment to share a little bit of my light.

me (2:59:31 PM): i’m about to go coworker3 on you. do you know the story in the New Testatment about Jesus visiting Mary & Martha?

coworker1 (2:59:47 PM): no, i don’t, fill me in!
me (3:00:23 PM): well Jesus comes to visit and Mary sits at his feet and learns from him while her sister Martha is so wired she’s running around cleaning and getting the house ready and preparing food because “oh my gosh Jesus is here for dinner?!?!?!” so eventually busy bee Martha gets mad at Mary and she calls her out in front of Jesus. despite her huffiness and obvious hard work, Jesus says Mary is doing the right thing, she chose the better part. coworker2 reminds me of the busy bee sister… you know, kind of playing the martyr… like “hey! look at all this i’m doing all by myself!!” when jesus (read: boss) didn’t ask her to do that.
(3:02:11 PM):
that is a perfect analogy.

yeah, well you know me, this little light of mine — i’m gonna let it shine (unless i get struck by lightning first!) the funny thing is, if Jesus just rang our buzzer tonight, i’d totally be running around like a crazy Martha. christian would probably ask him to play Mario Kart.


2 thoughts on “spreadin’ the good word.

  1. >Jesus would play, and win. It’s hard to lose when you know what’s coming up. I don’t know which character he would pick though.

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