it was an instant love affair. 14 years ago i experienced my first modern dance classes and performances. 3 years later i would step into a dance studio in byu’s richards building for my first college level dance course, but it wouldn’t be my last. our instructor studied under martha graham – we were already taken in, and then, with one video, she hooked us forever. the video, revelations. the group, alvin ailey.

the intensity, beauty, strength and power was tangible. i became intimately connected to that dance, that feeling, that spirit.

when i moved to washington dc in 2002 i realized that the kennedy center was an annual stop for the alvin ailey american dance theater. it seemed surreal to be able to see them live… but i was already committed. each february i was sure to purchase tickets for the evening revelations would be performed. and then i began the arm twisting process to convince a friend to join me. i quickly learned the cheaper tickets would not satiate my hunger. partial view seating was an abomination. i would splurge for this yearly pilgrimage.

this year was no different. the arm twisting ensued but this time with christian. i promised him that just this once he needed to see revelations so he would understand – i needed him to share this with me. he did, but i’m not sure he understood my tears as the suite explored the places of deepest grief and holiest joy in the soul.


4 thoughts on “enamorada.

  1. >I have been meaning to take Ben to a good modern dance concert. I haven’t ever seen this one but know the name as one of the best. I love modern dance.

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