pansy chicken; –noun

it might have been partly because i actually looked like a little boy (before my hair grew in) or it might have more been because i was an only child for nearly five years… whatever the factors; i was crazy about matchbox cars, the incredible hulk and constantly mistaken for a little boy. it probably didn’t help matters when i attended several fathers and sons outings. i also remember running around shirtless in my backyard as late as the summer of 1984. it was the same year as the chicken pox, the olympics and finishing kindergarten. we lived next door to a family with 8 children and we would play all day in our backyards with the garden hose. but one day that summer i realized i was a girl and i ran in the house to find a shirt. it might have had something to do with my friend’s older brother (who i thought was really cute) saying hi to me through the chain link fence.

my brother james was infamous for being the non-crawling kid. he was cute and pudgy and would roll from toy to toy. we were quickly dubbed fatman & robin. with a foundation like that, i was destined to be fearless! just look at me ready to draw my guns… actually, if james never crawled, i barely learned to walk. i was the most cautious child… reaching for, and then gripping pieces of furniture before i ventured to shuffle my feet. it was definitely a sign of things to come (if those pink sponge curlers weren’t already).

i am a mega pansy chicken.

christian says i fooled him. he thought i was brave. he remembers the first night we met – i grabbed him and started to dance as the band played sweet home alabama. he thought i was brave when i talked for the camera. he thought i was brave when i lived in mexico and africa. apparently my trickery won me a husband.


7 thoughts on “pansy chicken; –noun

  1. >Have I told you before how stinkin’ funny I think you are?! I love those old school pics, we need to get a scanner so I can save all those in our compu (and MAYBE share a few). At least you look cute and normal. I had a constant runny nose until my tonsils and adenoids were removed at the age of 8. Needless to say, in almost every pic my nose always had snot running out and my mouth was always wide open. Not so cute…

  2. >You had the same interests and habits that I did! Although, I liked Superman more than Batman and Robin. Oh, did I just misspell Batman?

  3. >i was on a beehive trip to a padres baseball game and some guy came up to me and said, “well, aren’t you a lucky boy… hanging out with all these cute girls!” yes, beehives… so i was about 12 yrs. old. OUCH!!! i think i’ll always encourage ziya to have long hair!

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