you’ve heard of aa – but you probably haven’t heard of pcma, paper crane makers anonymous. little did i know what i was getting myself into when i married christian. there are those quirks you discover along the ups and downs of the first few years of marriage… some quirks are considered annoying while others are hopefully thought of as endearing.

the past few nights our living room has looked like a craft shop. “oh, robin must be exceptionally crafty,” you think. not really… christian has been going to town pumping out paper cranes by the dozens. you’d think he was starting his own company to rival mine. he says he received his first “crane” inspiration from a book in grade school. his cravings for this paper frenzy laid dormant all this time… until recently. he told me he’d like to make some cranes. he asked me to get him some paper. i had paper, i just didn’t feel like cutting the paper into two inch squares. my laziness did not stand in the way of what he craved. he found scissors and he went to work cutting up magazine pages and his crosswords. eventually he got a good little pile going.

last week i was getting ready for a craft night with the young women. he saw me pull out my paper stash. accusingly he said, “you have paper!? i thought you needed to buy some!” nope. this whole time what he itched for lay right beneath his nose. i guess that makes me an accomplice. he got to work and hasn’t quite stopped. two days ago he told me, “i think i have an addiction.” and then yesterday he complained that his crane making finger was sore.

maybe there’s a 12-step program out there i can enroll him in. he’s on his way at least, i think acknowledging he has a problem is a good sign.


11 thoughts on “pcma.

  1. >The question is, did he know where the paper was at one point, but just forget or rather not care enough to commit it to memory? Kenny is always standing in the middle of the house asking me where something is and claiming he never knew it was there – drives me crazy!I’ve always wanted to be able to fold cranes, maybe I can get a tutorial when our paths eventually converge?

  2. >He has been doing those cranes, and other stuff, for years. I used to challenge them all to see how many they could make by the end of sacrament meeting. It was a race – I think Christian usually won.Warning: DON’T get him Legos! You will regret it if you do. One set will demand another one, then another one, and so on. You will become his dealer – a true addiction enabler. It will continue until your house is full of massive space ships and other creations! As to these creations, of course, if there is a red one on one side, it MUST be complemented by the same sized red one on the other side in the exact same place. You can ignore this experienced warning at your own risk!

  3. >Has he tried Day Lilies? Those are my favorite. We may make day lilies for my sisters table decoration at her wedding reception. We could benefit from Christian’s paper folding addiction. Run it by him, k?

  4. >FYI… thanks again for the adorable sweat suit for Annie. My beefy baby may be wearing it in the next few months. She is pushing the 95%ile for wt. Where do these fat babies of mine come from???

  5. >You both deserve some Chipitos! Will you have Christian perfect his pterodactyl-making skills? It seems he could just apply his crane knowledge to a much larger sheet of paper. I want a mega crane/pterodactyl.

  6. >Gosh, all I know how to make are the little boats from the Curious George book. We use these to entertain the boys in sacrament mtg. I think we could actually make it to the interlude hymn if i could make cranes!!

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