a love affair.

“oh, robin’s african lover must be in communication again,” you say? well yes* … but that’s not what i’m referring to.

back in 2003 i fell truly, madly, deeply in love with a teen soap opera. i admit it. i was an o.c. junkie. phantom planet’s intro would draw me in and i was stuck through all the sarcastic hipster comments and pop-culture references of the cohen-atwood-cooper-roberts-gang. the main thing going for the o.c. was its wit, good looks and fantastic music. i would sit on the edge of my seat at the end and wait for the gruff voice to say, “tonight’s episode featured music from…”

thanks to the o.c. i found sufjan and imogen. both of whom i saw in concert.

my addiction hit a breaking point when my vcr failed to record an episode. on march 11, 2005 i sent the following plea under a shameless pseudonym to the mega-NoVA singles ward listserv.

i didn’t thoroughly think my plan through — i received several responses in the affirmative. other o.c. addicts offered up their dvrs, tivos and vhs tapes but i hit a major snag. to collect i would have to reveal my identity and for that fact, i was ashamed. i never revealed my identity but a friend in the colonial ward eventually ratted me out.

i have mourned the early demise of the o.c. the finale was saved on my dvr for a long time. i guess i just needed time to come to terms with the loss. today, all of my o.c. love was vindicated. while listening to a very respectable show, the host of said classy radio podcast devoted an entire segment to none other than his love of the o.c. i laughed and then i nearly cried during the california cover. o.c. – you continue to hold a special place in my heart.

–once again, hopelessly seeking california

*and now for those of you eagerly awaiting the next installment in my african love affair:

Date: Fri, Jul 19, 2008 at 9:58 AM
Subject: ola,babe
To: me

ola babe, tas ai?podemos conversar. agradecia que me contactasses assim que visses a mensagem.Porfavor, espero nao teres me esquecido. A distancia e como o vento que apaga as chamas pequenas do fogo e aumenta as maiores, isto e o que eu sinto por te desde que a conheci, confesso que nunca a esqueci,se dependesse de mim faria tudo pra te ver mais uma vez na vida [
hey babe, are you there? let’s talk. i would appreciate it if you would contact me as soon as you see this message. please, i hope you have not forgotten me. the distance is like the wind that erases the flames (or something), that is what i feel for you since i first met you. i confess that i have never forgotten you, if it were up to me, i would do everything possible to see you one more time in my life.]


5 thoughts on “a love affair.

  1. >The best way to erase an o.d. of o.c. is time and distance to erase the flames (or something)… trying, of course, not to see it one more time in your life.

  2. >I will confess to being an OC addict too (raising hand sheepishly). S-Boogie was born right before the start of the season, and our TV only got Fox and PBS for some reason. I actually really got into the show.

  3. >oh that brings me back to our many conversations about all of our addictions to those teen soap operas… veronica mars, gilmore girls, oc, etc… those were the days… but at least i still have days of our lives…

  4. >I’ve actually been missing the ‘OC’ lately. I’m sure it has something to do with our past ‘OC’-watching trends and a birthday party for a beloved Arizonan. I toy with putting some of the episodes in my Netflix queue, but what if it’s just not the same?!!

  5. >Oliver was the best character in the history of the OC – EVER! I don’t think the show would have ended if they had just brought him back to wreak havoc on Ryan and Marissa’s unstable relationship one last time. How about a spin-off show with Oliver as the main character? I’m just sayin’…

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